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luzesYou ready for the new La Luz to hit? If not, this song should pretty much seal the deal on the fact that the band have solidified their sound, leaving them as one of the bands you’ll fall in love with this year.  The latest single opens with this semi-Spaghetti Western psych maneuver, but quickly settles into this dreamy bit of soulful pop. Touches on guitar and keys are really light, creating this effect of that’s almost like floating; it’s very light, accentuated by the vocals being carefully placed atop it all. On August 7th you’ll be able to get your hands on Weirdo Shrine courtesy of Hardly Art.

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Brilliant New Grave Babies Tune

graveOn their last album, Grave Babies hit heavy and hard, busting the cones on many a speakers.  But, they’re readying a new album, Holographic Violence, and it’s set to be something entirely different.  Elements of darkness still pervade their latest single, from the warped tones on the vocals to the emotional draw that takes center stage.  Still, listen to the guitars that open the song; you’ll hear that wayward shimmering pop element that basically made bands in the early shoegaze era so intoxicating.  The band’s new LP will be out via Hardly Art on July 24th.

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Shannon and the Clams Return

Shannon and The ClamsThis track has been everywhere the last few days, but I’m just getting back to civilization, so excuse my tardiness. It’s good to see that Shannon and the Clams are back at it, and they return with a sultry twang that should definitely put them on more people’s radar.  It’s a sound that falls right in line with the band’s nostalgic nods they’ve been making over the years; this time the group rolls through the track slowly allowing Shannon’s voice to be the superstar (it always was).  Their new album, Gone by the Dawn, comes September 11th via Hardly Art.  Check the video for the song HERE.

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New La Luz Jam

laluzI think it’s sort of a shame that Ty Segall is getting the love for the new La Luz jam, especially considering he’s just handling production duties.  If you go back in time, you’ll see that this sound is the natural progression of the group’s sound as they prepare to release their new album. They’ve always had a surfy vibe, but I do dig the stronger vocal focus on this latest tune.  They definitely take some leisure with jamming things out in parts, which I suppose could be Segall’s touch, but I’m betting these ladies had these tunes ready to rock when they walked in the studio.  Look for their new album, Weirdo Shrine, on August 7th via Hardly Art.


Download: La Luz – You Disappear [MP3]

Yep, This Chastity Belt Tune is a Winner (SXSW Artist)

chasteSome tracks, you press play, and you go back over and over again. No matter what, the song supersedes anything else in your listening rotation, which is precisely the case with this new track from Chastity Belt. It’s got just the right amount of bounce to it, combined with the dreamy quality of the vocals.  There’s a distance to the vocals, though that doesn’t prevent you from attaching yourself to the lyrics…and ultimately the tune.  Look for this hit and more on the band’s new album, Time to Go Home, being released by Hardly Art on March 24th.


Download: Chastity Belt – Joke [MP3]

Colleen Green – I Want To Grow Up

colleenRating: ★★★½☆

As a female young adult, I feel as though the music of Colleen Green should really appeal to me, but her last album, Sock It To Me, didn’t sink in too deep, and left me feeling a bit weary as to the nature of her girl garage rock. I Want To Grow Up is another trip down the road of maturation and growing up, as the title would suggest, but this time around Green’s tunes themselves have matured a bit and we’re able to rock along with her navigation of youth and adulthood with the greater coherence of pop hooks.

“I’m sick of being immature, I want to be responsible” is one of the first lines on this album, giving you a snapshot of the general theme this album: wanting to transcend ones current state and be something else, but not quite achieving that goal instantly and the frustrations that arise out of this dilemma. This theme makes for an interesting subject matter for Green to craft some great garage rock gems to delight. Look no further than “Grind My Teeth,” or “TV” to give you fuzzy guitars and pop hooks. “Grind My Teeth,” is one of the more complex tracks you’ll hear from this artist, and it’s definitely one of my personal highlights off the album. This song goes several different directions, first beginning with a rapid pace, leaning more towards the stripped simplicity of punk song, then transitions to a slower grunge mode, when the buzz saw guitar takes center stage and allows for some sweet synth to solo for a bit. Before you know it the track is back to its hyper fast original state,

The lyrics, while they aren’t the deepest, acknowledge their own shallow-ness and play with this idea, especially on songs like “Things That Are Bad For Me (Part I).” Here, Green’s rhymes are simple and easy, sometimes elongating a word or syllable so that the rhyme will work out; there’s no apology or inhibition, Green just goes with it, and her honest naïveté goes a long way.

I Want To Grow Up feels light years away from Green’s last record and the tunes on here reach further than just noisy girl rock. While Green sticks to her guns lyrically, the music now provides an appropriate catchy- grunge pop setting for them to play in. Something has clicked for Colleen Green on this album, and perhaps something in her life has clicked as well, now that she’s realized she can do whatever she wants. Right on.



Chastity Belt Signs with Hardly Art

chastityI’m always happy to throw a shout out to our longtime friends over at Hardly Art, especially when I get excited about one of their new signings.  In this case, the label has signed up with Seattle’s Chastity Belt, who are bringing a nice dose of indie rock to the proverbial table.  There’s a jagged edge to the guitar riffs, though that’s often touched upon by some distortion; it’s backed by a strong vocal performance that comes across as a relaxed nod to 90s girl groups.  I also love the switch of pace that occurs here and there, throughout. Look for the group’s new album Time to Go Home on March 24th.


Download: Chastity Belt – Time to Go Home [MP3]

Colleen Green Returns with New Album

clogreenA few years, Colleen Green was a hot commodity; she created quite a buzz rocking things out at SXSW as I remember.  Since then, things have been quiet for her, though I have a feeling that will change, as her new single is already being played left and right.  It’s definitely got that same playfulness that made her so endearing, playing to some distorted guitars that pulse and throb throughout the track.  You know that her new album, I Want to Grow Up, will be filled with infectious singles just like the one below; it comes out on February 24th via Hardly Art.


Download: Colleen Green – Pay Attention [MP3]

Download Latest Single from S

jenngYou know what I respect about Hardly Art? They’re still down to give out a free download now and then.  They trust in their product; they know you’ll love what you hear, so you’ll pick it up from them.  So, with that in mind, they tossed up the newest tune from S, the project of Jenn Ghetto.  It’s much like her earlier singles, showing sonic similarities towards Tegan and Sara; no one is too cool to enjoy a great pop song…well, some of you are, but you’re probably not reading this. She’ll be releasing her album, Cool Choices, on September 23rd through the label; don’t be afraid to enjoy your day listening to this tune.


Download: S – Brunch [MP3]

More New La Sera Tunes

laseraWe’ve definitely got to get you into this new La Sera track.  Now that Vivian Girls are over, Katy can spend her time concentrating on her other project, and this song is an indicator that she’s definitely spent that time well.  This latest single from her forthcoming record has her sounding in complete control of her songwriting craft; there’s a soloing guitar, crashing cymbals, and, of course, her intoxicating vocal performance.  It’s just another reason that we’re expecting great things from Hour of the Dawn when it’s released by Hardly Art on May 13th.


Download: La Sera – Running Wild [MP3]


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