Last Week’s Jams (5.27 – 5.31)

A strange week we had last week; I blame the Memorial Day holiday for that, as it started us all off a bit slow. For whatever reason, we didn’t get a lot of fresh tunes, so I, of course, was out there digging deep to unearth some stuff you’re probably not going to find in a ton of other spots, like the new T.G. Shand or Holding Hour singles. It was good to get another single from the next the Martial Arts LP, plus our old friend Stephen popped up with his new project Shortcuts. And, as I’ve been trying to do more, there were some great records like the new Neutrals and Oh Boland LPs I wanted to nod towards too. It’s all in the playlist below.

Hayes Noble Releases Got Over It

Those fans of heavier indie rock, the ilk built on the backbone of Dinosaur Jr and the like will surely be fawning over Hayes Noble. His latest single has this swarming hoard of distorted guitars, the sort that will likely rattle your speakers if you turn it up to the appropriate volume. There’s still a youthful urgency coming from the 19 year old, which bleeds into the tune itself, whether that relate to the song’s nature or the lyrical content; it’s a celebratory feel that ensures Hayes’ work is on the rise. Noble’s been cranking out rad singles all year, so let’s hope we get a complete set before the year wraps up!

Last Week’s Jams (4.1 – 4.5)

New music comes hard and heavy during the Spring months, as its the perfect time to set up summer releases and tours. We tried to get to as much as we could, and grabbed 24 new songs for you to settle into on this Monday. New stuff from Austin’s Variety assures the band is still on the rise in my eyes. I’ve been really into the tunes from Bibi Club‘s new LP, and they throw a plot twist with some English sparkle on it; it matches up well with the dark wave from Houses of Heaven. Friends of the site like Gabriel Birnbaum, Kaspar and Snowy Band all had new work to share with the masses., plus be sure you taste the new Babehoven tune hanging out for you at the end. Press play for joy!

Hayes Noble Announces As It Was, As We Were + Shares New LP

It’s Monday morning and you need a blast of noisy rock n’ roll to wake you from your slumber, so please just take some time out of your day to listen to this new single from Hayes Noble. The 19 year-old songwriter has drawn some comparisons to the likes of J Mascis and Doug Martsch, which makes sense when you listen to the crunchy guitars bending and stretching in the latter half of this single. But, if you will, focus on that first half, as it carries this tenacity and natural joy that reminds me of early Cloud Nothings or Jay Reatard; the song is just banged out ferociously, and you can barely keep track with its energy, and all the while it still has a sugary center. Definitely keep an eye out, as the new LP As It Was, As It Were will drop on June 21st via 221 Press.

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