Last Week’s Jams (11.6 – 11.10)

It may not have been a week covered in big names, but there were tons of ridiculously quality tunes dropped this last week. We had tons of ATX stuff, from Daily Worker to Wet Dip to S.L. Houser to Voxtrot, so we were all over that. I fell in love with Dumb Things, which is the Aussie outfit opening up this week’s playlist. But, it’s probably a toss up for me whether the new track from The Witching Waves got more plays than that new Weakened Friends. A ripper of a week with some new names we hadn’t come across before like Amelia Coburn, so give the whole mix a Monday morning spin.

Heavenly Announce Third Reissue + US Show

It’s been a wonderful year for Heavenly fans, particularly if you’re hanging out on TikTok where the band exploded with their classic hit “P.U.N.K. Girl.” Luckily, the mass amount of streams and interest has encouraged the band’s reissue push, and now they’ve announced the third installment by reissuing the Decline and Fall of Heavenly in February of next year! Plus, the band have decided to reconvene in the live setting, with a show scheduled in Madrid and a show in NYC this coming June! Personally, I’m hoping for a Rob vs Calvin battle royale, but if not, at least you’ll get an incredible show with some of the most endearing pop songs you’ve ever heard. Grab the reissue HERE.

The Five Year Plan Prep Debut Album

Okay, so perhaps the groundwork for the debut was written nearly 40 years ago, but The Five Year Plan has finally made the recording of the aforementioned record! Still, they wanted to stay true to the original demos, so recorded them as is, all technological advances aside. The band features members of acts like Heavenly and Charlie Tipper Rebellion, so you’ll hear some familiar sounds if you’ve hear us write about those acts. It’s amazing to hear a band create songs that sound so relevant now, but also be able to hear the licks and nods they were putting into their own craft…mentions of Go Betweens and The Only Ones never hurt at this house. It was a long time coming, and we’re so glad the band are finally getting to have their say in the music world. 1985 will be released on Breaking Down Recordings on September 4th.

Last Week’s Jams (5.15 – 5.19)

It was a busy week to start, then as usual at this time of year, I teetered out with our coverage; I blame the fact that I stayed up late to catch a great set from En Attendant Ana. We covered a lot of territory, bringing in an old school song from Heavenly, but with a new video to celebrate. Austin got some love with another great Feeling Small tune, plus some bonus Being Dead coverage popping up in there. ATH faves Melenas announced a new record, so really, we had an all out awesome week on our end. Feel free to stop in and check out what we had going.

Heavenly Share New Video for C is the Heavenly Option

This last Friday the world was fortunate to have another reason to celebrate Heavenly, as the band reissued Le Jardin de Heavenly via Rob and Amelia’s Skep Wax Records. But, they also wanted to celebrate by gathering a who’s-who of celebrity indiepop gods to feature in a playful new video; it also features some old Super 8 footage of the band to accompany the new clip. Like the song, you’ll find that this video is nothing short of charming, giving you yet another reason to love the group and their work. Speaking of their work, have you grabbed the reissue? It’s out now, so pick up a copy right HERE.

Heavenly Announce Le Jardin de Heavenly Reissue

If ever there was a band that deserved the full reissue treatment, it’s Heavenly. Luckily, the band have opted to handle these reissues on their own Skep Wax label, with indiepop classic Le Jardin de Heavenly the next up on the list of releases. This record is the one most adored, and admittedly, it does have my absolute favorite song from the band “So Little Deserve” in the tracklist (I’m still partial to Heavenly vs Satan though!). The original LP was co-released by K Records and Sarah Records, so you can clearly hear the impact of early DIY pop in these songs. This is one that can’t be missed, so be sure to order your copy from Skep Wax; it should arrive to you around May 12th!


Another H. Hawkline Track – Plastic Man

Listening through all the singles we’ve heard from H. Hawkline thus far, it seems like the project is build for deep cuts and longevity; I can’t think of another artist who seems to be operating in the same musical stratosphere at the moment. There’s this pop rock bounce that recalls Bowie at his most playful, with Huw’s vocals riding along that funky stomp of the beat all the way. You’ve got tons of accompaniment pieces in the background, throwing horns and layers of added guitar lines right at you; it’s a pop world we don’t often get to here from these days. Milk for Flowers is out on March 10th via Heavenly.

Swansea Sound Share Video for Music Lover

A few weeks back we shared a new single from our friends in Swansea Sound; it was a stellar rock number attached to a Christmas single for the Holidays. Well, the band enjoy keeping things old-school DIY, and they’ve made their own video with the song’s stars: Daniel Ek, The Zuck, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. The video features raining Bitcoin running like a spinning slot machine, with Ek, Bezos and the Zuck banging out the tune. But, you’ve got to wait for Elon’s dance solo near the song’s end. So, before you run out and post your Spotify Festival lineup, jam to someone still willing to take the piss out of the man! Oh…and keep in mind that the EP comes with a signed Christmas Card…and let’s not forget their label Skep Wax is also responsible for reissuing all those great Heavenly LPs, which I forgot to mention weeks ago.

Happy Release Day to Swansea Sound – Live at the Rum Puncheon Is Out

The perks of running your own site, and your own label, is you can write about what you want and celebrate when you want. So, here we are at ATH, home of ATH Records, celebrating a release we’re super happy to be part of, Swansea Sound and their debut LP, Live at the Rum Puncheon. In case you needed a reminder, you’ve got some heavy-hitters in this band from acts such as Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Pooh Sticks and more. And what better way to celebrate than by letting you stream the whole thing in its fresh entirety below. It’s best listened to at high volumes with open hearts. Grab a tape HERE, or check out the band’s BANDCAMP as there are several other great folks like HHBTM handling various media.

Swansea Sound Share Rock n’ Roll Void Video

We recently announced that our label arm, ATH Records, would be stepping outside of Austin this year; we were stoked to announce we’d be working with Swansea Sound, featuring members of Heavenly, Pooh Sticks, Catenary Wires, etc. Well, now we have another fresh video from the band’s forthcoming Live at the Rum Puncheon. It’s the opening track on their LP, with Hue starring in the front of this tune, in both song and video. It’s good to see that Amelia’s catching up on her reading, particularly as there’s a great Felt/the Servants/Talulah Gosh flier right behind her for a show I wish I could have attended. Speaking of shows, if you’re in the UK, the band have a handful of shows to celebrate the release of the album. There’s tons of folks involved here (Skep Wax, etc), but if you’re in the US, you can grab a tape HERE or an LP HERE.

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