Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.16 – 5.20)

It’s that time of the week friends, where you get to revisit all the stuff we covered last week, mostly because we’re too lazy to do it on a Friday. We had a lot of super rad stuff, with fresh tunes from the likes of Living Hour, Interior Geometry and Lost Film. Plus, with Liars reissue treatment, I get a chance to post an old school Liars jam, so I was stoked there. Plus, our friend Nick Rad documented his fun at the Turnstile show, so I included a jam in here too, because why the heck not?! Happy Monday!

Hellrazor Share Jello Stars Single

Strangely, when this new track from Hellrazor drops in, I thought to myself, “I wish this is what that new Hum record sounded like.” But, with that spacey noise up front, the noise recedes, opening up this tune to a bit more of a melodic draw, pulling back the covers on the band’s pop tendencies. Still, you can hear the thump of the drums, tempered since their opening pummel; they take the chorus and help launch the song into this wall swell of ferocious noise, albeit one with a softened underbelly. Plus, those in need of the heavy fix get a mid-track breakdown with furious drum work that doesn’t quit until your ears are bloodied and the song crawls to a close.

Pop Rocker from Hellrazor

hellraiserIt’s easy to get carried away with all the modern fads and whatnot, but, for me, more often than not it’s the tried and true brands of rock n’ roll that always appeal to me. This brand new track from Hellrazor had me the minute the guitars offered up their distorted pop crunch, with vocals joining in to fill in the required hooks. I kind of just want to turn the track up and walk around the halls here at work…maybe that’ll work for you. If not, you’ll have to wait until November 4th to get your hands on the band’s new record, Satan Smile, courtesy of New Professor Music.

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