Gorgeous Post Rocker From Heron

It was supremely rainy yesterday here in Austin, but the storms cleared right before the sun went down, and we were treated to a bath of warm sunshine in the cool spring air post torrential downpour. That phenomenon–tumultuous storms followed by the climax of light is mirrored exactly in this instrumental post-rock track from Warren, Pennsylvania’s Heron. It’s a slow building track that will surely call to mind the genius of Explosions in the Sky, but what I like most about this track is that you don’t have to wait too long before it really soars. At four minutes, you feel as though you’ve taken an epic trek with a sweet reward. Take a listen below and get ready for the release of Sun Release, the band’s sophomore LP, which will be out on July 19.

Atmospheric Track From Heron

Pennsylvania based instrumental outfit Heron made a name for themselves back in 2017 with their impressive debut LP You Are Here Now. Not to go quietly into the night, the boys now have a new single called “Splashdown” to continue the hype train moving on their music. Those who know me, probably realize this track is perfect for me because it blends equal parts Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky. Both two of my all time favorites.

SXSW Interview: Nassau

We continue our SXSW interviews by catching up with Nassau, the duo of Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein . Late last year they released the excellent Heron, and they’re riding that momentum all the way into Austin. They’ll be playing their official show on March 16th at 18th Over Austin at 8 PM. Stream their recent album below, and follow that jump for the interview.

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