The Little Cinema Album Is Out

tmackI’ve talked for years about how much I enjoy the work of Tyler Womack, who formerly won me over with his band Hollywood Gossip.  He’s been living in New York, though his new band, Little Cinema, did a lot of their recording here in Austin.  He just tossed up his new LP, Adventure, which features some touches from our friend Marcus of Shivery Shakes; it’s a record that I completely expected to enjoy, so I’m glad it lives up to that.  Tyler’s knack for melodies and wordplay have always been endearing, so it’s nice to see he didn’t leave those little touches behind.  You can grab the new LP HERE, but I’ve also included a new track with this post that’s on the album.

Rocking with Growl

1847203292-1Austin upstarts Growl just released their new EP, Gallery this past weekend, at what I heard was a riotous good time over at Hotel Vegas.  We might have missed the show, but we’re not going to let you miss out on one of the city’s best kept secrets.  Just because you feel like the band’s going in one direction, just wait a second, as they’re likely to switch it up to you.  The songwriting reminds me of a more energetic version of Hollywood Gossip, one of Austin’s most missed acts (in my mind anyways).  I’ve chosen this track to get you into the group, but I encourage you to travel HERE to pick it up!



New Track from Fishboy

We’ve always got to give love to Texas bands, especially those that dwell in the quirkier regions of pop music.  Fishboy, primarily the project of Eric Michener, hails from Denton, TX, and his writing definitely has a story to tell. In fact, it’s all one giant interwoven story, with song titles representing various characters who encounter one another or are somehow interconnected.  It sounds sort of like the thing all English majors would love.  The thing is, the newest release, Classic Creeps, which you can grab from the band now, has this great little pop spin on it, something that you’d put alongside other local acts such as Hollywood Gossip.  Give it a spin, and feel free to listen to the whole new album on the band’s Bandcamp page.


Download: Fishboy – Adrian Simmons [MP3]

Friday Top 10: Austin Albums of 2010

It’s that time of year folks, the time when we THINK we know what’s the best of the best.  In a year where some old faces reemerged, and some new faces joined the scene, we had a hard time narrowing things down, but these are our favorite Ten Albums by Austin bands in the year 2010.  If you think we’re wrong, we’re cool with you voicing your opinion, but be nice, these are just one group’s opinions.

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Hoot Night @ Thunderbird Coffee (11/11)

Date 11/11/10
Location Thunderbird Coffee
Doors 7pm
Tickets FREE!

It’s time again for another edition of the Hoot Night series at Thunderbird Coffee put on by Giant Steps Production.  This fine evening 5 local bands will be covering the classic 1998 Pixies album Surfer Rosa.  Providing their unique take on these bands you’ll get Hollywood Gossip, Bike Problems, Darling New Neighbors, Beautiful Supermachines, and Hymnals.  Hell people, it’s free!


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Narcissus in a Window [MP3]

The Rumble Austin @ Beerland (8/11)

Date 8/11/10
Location Beerland
Doors 8:30pm
Tickets FREE

So as a part of our new partnership with L.A. kids Future Sounds, we here at ATH are glad to announce the first of many shows we have planned with the music company.  So Wednesday we’ll be heading over to Beerland in Austin for a super awesome show being put on by us, Futuresounds, The Austinist, Covert Curiosity, A.V. Club, and Waterloo.  Music for the evening is provided by local favorites The Sour Notes, Hollywood Gossip, and Literature.  Best part of all… It’s Free!  What better way to celebrate the little bit of summer we still have left.


Download: The Sour Notes – Do-ers & Say-ers [MP3]

Interview: Hollywood Gossip

Last week we brought you new of a new album from local popsters Hollywood Gossip, and we were fortunate enough to get an interview with the band’s Tyler Womack and Justin Crowell.  This should give you a bit more insight into the group, as well as ideas about their new album Dear as Diamonds.  At the bottom of the interview, you can catch info on the band’s CD Release this Saturday, June 19th.  Follow the jump for more.

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Hollywood Gossip – Dear as Diamonds

Rating: ★★★★☆

When their EP, You’re So Quiet, came out awhile back, you wouldn’t have been off to declare Hollywood Gossip one of Austin’s best twee bands.  They sounded sunny with trademark jangling guitars cutting back and forth across the short collection.  But, a year and a half later, they’ve matured on Dear as Diamonds, albeit in their very own style.  It looks like Austinites can now rejoice, as we finally have a quality band to fill the void left by the recent break-up of Voxtrot.

“Sleepwalkin” begins the album in a similar place that we last found the group, but the slight changes, such as letting the guitars ring for just a bit longer, give the song a little bit more warmth. What used to be covered in witty lyrics and crisp guitars has now evolved into a full sound, moved forward by a rambunctious closing moment featuring exuberant shouts from singer Tyler Womack. It’s these closing moments, and time changes mid-song, such as in the various spots on “Summer Haze” that point towards a band who’ve grown quite a bit.

“Turn It Up” is definitely one of the many feel good songs you’ll find on Dear as Diamonds, and this is the first time you’ll notice some changes in the vocals of Womack.  In the past you might have found hints of groups like The Smiths, but on this track you can definitely hear a bit of Hutch from The Thermals; you should really dig this song.  This track offers a grittier guitar as well, which is just another show of the progress the band has made.  But, don’t think that their catchy jangle-pop days are completely gone.  “Narcissus in a Window” uses a bubbling bass line for a backbone courtesy of Cory Ryan, and starts with that jangle we’ve come to associate with Hollywood Gossip. Mid-song, they change it up, stripping away that jangle for a heavier guitar tone.  One of the many things that makes this track great, along with others here, is that instead of stopping short, as many of the tracks from their EP did, they continue to grow the song a bit, fleshing out all the details. It’s hard to skip ahead when all this goodness hides in wait.

Yet another change that is sure to win over many new fans is the element of softly strummed guitar.  First, you have the short ditty “Out of My Depth,” which has Tyler questioning himself over that lightly played guitar.  Short and sweet, to the point, and enjoyable all the same.  Closer “All That I Want” also utilizes a similar style for the greater part of the song, illustrating the strengths of Womack’s voice.  Once again, the band pushes the song into new areas they haven’t visited before, at least not on recorded material, when they hit the 3 minute mark (roughly).  The rest of the group joins, and a guitar solo swings in to provide a different dynamic altogether. Ryan joins in on the fun in the end, carrying us out on a high point.

Hollywood Gossip really hit the high-water mark with Dear as Diamonds.  In drawing from their pasts whilst pushing forward, they wrote a collection of songs so enjoyable that not a one of them should be skipped over.  The past gave me fuzzy feelings listening to the group, but now I’m sure that I’m in love with this band. You should be too!


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Narcissus in a Window [MP3]

Austin A2W: Hollywood Gossip

What?! New tunes?  And a new record?!  We’re really excited to bring you an update on one of Austin’s greatest little indie darlings, Hollywood Gossip.  Having been away from the scene for a short bit, the band are now returning with their debut full-length, Dear as Diamonds.  Using clever lyrics and catchy hooks, the band has won over many fans in our city, continuing to churn out pop gem after pop gem.  Their last EP, You’re So Quiet, featured sunny guitars with a touch of twang, along with steady drumming and distinct vocals from Tyler Womack (“Bicycle” was one of my favorite jams for months, and tonight).  One of our favorite things about the group is that they’re likely to always look on the brighter side of things, never getting too deep into subject matter; this all leads to great fun for the audience time and time again.  Speaking of audience, the band will be playing their CD release on June 19th at the Ghost Room.


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Narcissus in a Window [MP3]

Hollywood Gossip @ Nomad Bar (6/20)

hollywoodWe’ve always been big fans of Austin band Hollywood Gossip so we were excited to see that they are playing a free show at Nomad Bar on Saturday night.  If you aren’t familiar with the bar, here’s a little map to help you find your way to the show.  Fellow locals Household Names and Harlovve will be kicking things off around 10pm.  Should be a good one!


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Bicycle [MP3]

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