Holm Shares The Rope Single

I don’t know what it is about the latest tune from Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, aka Holm. There’s something that sounded so familiar in the opening minute, but the track kept kind of evolving, opening up these new layers that I couldn’t help but fawn over. There’s something in the chorus that reminds me a lot of Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, so I kept diving in deeper to that moment, playing it again and again. But, I also hear bits of Brandon Flowers too in Mikkel’s voice, and you know what, it totally works. Plus, the guitar kind of dances all around the tune, jangling here, ringing out there, then breaking it all down as the track draws to a riotous close. Why Don’t You Dance is out January 28th via PNKSLM.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 27 – October 1)

Mondays, am I right? Honestly, been struggling for energy and motivation of late, but last week had some really great tunes hit, accompanied by great albums from the likes of Semihelix, Cindy and Ducks Ltd. I chose to open with this Semihelix on the mix because I’d love to take the opening 30 seconds and put it in my pocket to carry it around with me all day. Also, unfortunately, the Humdrum track isn’t on the streaming platforms just yet, so be sure you click HERE to check that great tune out!


Holm Share Intelligent Moves Single

We’re big fans of Danish outfit Yung, so we’re excited to see what Mikkel Holm Silkjaer brings to the table with his Holm project. On this latest single, there’s just this ringing guitar that seems to kind of take on that brand of post-punk we all adore. But, it’s Mikkel’s vocal delivery, particularly when it gets some backing vocal accompaniment, that really helps to deliver this melodic moment, albeit brief. For me, listening through, there’s all these little musical twists and turns too, which are great, because they’re illustrating the risks he’s taking in his songwriting…nothing seems overly formulaic, so I appreciate the freshness. Why Don’t You Dance is out on November 12th via PNKSLM.