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There are several really great albums that came out of Austin this year, but one rising near the top (in my eyes) is this new Single Lash. The band just dropped another tune, and it’s one of the more remarkable numbers we’ve heard from the group. Opening with a distorted guitar coming in bursts, stripped away to reveal Nic’s voice, then back in again. The wall of hazy distortion eventually becomes omnipresent, serving as the white noise on which Nadeau paints his voice. There’s a subtlety to the chorus in this number too, an effortless venture floating and disappearing beneath the atmosphere of the track. Then the band sticks around to texture the back half of the track with haunting musicianship.Providence comes out on October 26th via Holodeck.

Single Lash Drop Another Single

I’m really hoping that Single Lash takes off with this new album, as I’ve fancied Austin act’s aesthetic for some time. I love the balance exhibited in the latest single, working carefully between delicate moments of brooding pop and noisier sonic exploration (akin to the gaze). Nic’s voice is perfectly placed here, fragile and deep in tone; it has this billowing effect that’s matched by the group’s efforts…and it all works even more perfectly with the shadowy video elements. Providence, the group’s new album, will be out on October 26th via Holodeck Records.

Grivo Prepare Debut LP

If you carefully look beneath the surface of the Austin scene, you’ll find that Grivo have been lurking there, defiantly working at honing their craft…all in preparation for what I can only expect is a remarkable debut. Immediately, there’s something slightly different at play here; the band have been known for their ear-shattering sets…and here, we get something just a touch different. Guitars are still brooding beneath the surface of the mix, but things almost come across with a slightly lighter attitude, allowing the guitars to sort of sparkle and fade through your speakers. It should come as no surprise that the band have just recently signed to Holodeck Records, who will release Elude on November 16th.

Samantha Glass Drops New Video

Ever on the front lines of Austin’s electronic music scene, Holodeck Records have got another star-in-waiting with Samantha Glass. But, before the full length drops, we should lend an ear and eye to their recent video for “Cruel Anxiety.” The track builds with layering hollow percussion atop synth lines for a solid minute, with these distant atmospheric noises popping up. The tones of Beau Devereaux are heavy, adding to the dark undertones the track provides. But, much like the juxtapose color scheme of the black and white video, Beau’s voice has this slight melodic inflection as they deliver lines, allowing everything to come full circle. Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint will be out on October 12th.

Single Lash Ready Prepare You for Providence

Single Lash might be one of Austin’s most under-appreaciated acts; they quietly released a beautiful LP back in 2016, and now they’re prepping Providence for you. The shoegaze element that resonates with most folks lurks in the background of this song, though I’m drawn to that cleaner guitar cut that seemingly dances its way through. But, Nicolas’ voice has this deep seductive quality that’s hard to ignore; it’s both powerful and soft at once, letting the guitars ring around his every note; it’s almost as if he’s calling to you through the noise in your speakers. I love the sublime fade out offering more of a shimmer as the tune turns to its close. Look for the album to drop on October 26th via Holodeck Records.

Sungod Announces New LP

Austin’s Sungod have just announced the release of a new full length titled Wave Refraction; it’s of course being released by powerhouse label Holodeck Records. The lead single from the LP is “Hypnotism,” which features the digitally hypnotic video we’ve got streaming below. When turning to the music, perhaps you’d be best served to combine two elements of modern indie that we’re all familiar with at this point. One, you’ve got the instrumental electronica that all Holodeck fans love: two, you’ve got this Grizzly Bear underbelly beneath. It ends up leaving you with this blissed out expansiveness, like traveling through space, or so I imagine. The album will drop on August 24th.

Show Pics: Panda Bear @ The Mohawk (4/27)

Levitation 2018 was not really a festival; it was a series of curated shows that happened to be on the same weekend. The environmental experience of marching across fields and pivoting from stage to stage was removed for ticketed shows at established venues. Hopefully, this will be a one time thing to keep the concept of Levitation alive. There was a time when it was the most unique fest going, whether in a power plant and by the river…

Anyway, when the lineup was announced, I was down for the deconstructed Animal Collective show with Panda Bear and Geologist at Mohawk. My interest increased when Lou Rebecca was added as an opener. It has been some time since our friends move out west to LA and there have been several mini-tours taken. How has the live set progressed and how do the new songs land?

Click through…

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Show Pics: The Soft Moon @ Barracuda (4/20)

This show was immediately on the gotta-go list, The Soft Moon with Boy Harsher? Yes. I know both were about during SxSW, but I wanted full sets and the stars never aligned to allow for viewing freeing time slots for other acts from overseas. Double win. When you add in local openers Troller, you have a show that has great potential to sell out Barracuda.

…and sell out it did.

I’ll share a few thoughts about each of the band’s sets and plenty of photos right after the jump. Sound good? OK.

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New Thousand Foot Whale Claw

It seems Holodeck Records are preparing for another act to take the reigns in their global electronic domination, this time with the new LP from Thousand Foot Whale Claw. Opening the track is nearly two minutes of stark industrial atmosphere, as the video pans through what looks like a dilapidated school building (or what we just call school in Texas). But, just before the 2 minute mark, the beat changes, signaled by a dancer in a hooded onesie grooving to a more propulsive beat. That carries through, allowing the rest of the video cast to partake in dancing, though centralized on one man. For me, even when their sounds are rooted, the people involved in Holodeck always make things sound fresh. Look for Black Hole Party on June 29th.

Premiere Holodeck Records Comp Includes New Single Lash Tune

If you’re living outside of Austin, or maybe even inside, you might lump Holodeck Records into the electronic community, which is fair. But, this Friday the label release Holodeck Vision One, a compilation reaching across all genres. There are some big names within, but today we’re bringing you one of our personal highlights…a new tune from Single Lash. Interestingly, it’s a six minute opus where the band refuses to be defined, offering glimpses of both goth and shoegaze, but even more impressive to me is the patience and space utilized within the confines of the tune. Chords carefully ring out, echoing on top of each other and fading out as Nicolas’ deep vocals drive home the emotional appeal. Endure the first four minutes and you’ll be met with a wave of guitars crashing down upon you, and you won’t be able to pull yourself away. I’ve been lost in this song for the last 24 hours, so be careful, there’s no coming back. Look for the HV1 Compilation to drop Friday.

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