Switched On Hosts Holodeck on Saturday

Switched On is the heralded synthesizer shop over on East Cesar Chavez, and from time to time, they encourage gatherings of the musical/art realm…and I always encourage you to go. This Saturday, they’re hosting Austin’s own Holodeck Records…home to Boan, VVV, and that band Survive everyone keeps talking about. They’re bringing a bunch of their own artists like Dylan Cameron and Curved Light, but also inviting M. Geddes Genaras of LA out. But, as all great things truly are, this isn’t just about the music, as there will be visual artists there to stimulate some of your other fine senses. It’s a free event, and beverages will be provided by Austin Beer Works and High Brew Coffee!

More info on the event Facebook Page.


Watch a Video for New Lou Rebecca

If you were out and about last night, hopefully you hit up the Holodeck Records night, where they premiered a video from their newest signing, Lou Rebecca. The French popster, LR is backed by Josh Mills, who should already be a household Austin name for his work in Silk Rodeo and Missions. Along with the video, the label announced that they’ll be releasing a limited cassette come this January…featuring this gem of a tune. If you haven’t caught on to Lou Rebecca yet, you better get on it quick, as she surely will be a common name in the very near future. Grab the tape HERE.

Austin Record Label Flea Market Recap

We love you Austin.

Everyone is already looking forward to doing it again. More on that later. I took photos, we did our shimmy thing, records were sold, merch was sold, group shots, industry discussions, ball-busting, cider sampled, dogs joined in, kids were indoctrinated into collecting vinyl.

Modern Outsider, Super Secret Records, Western Vinyl, Holodeck Records, Launch Cycle, Chicken Ranch Records, Keeled Scales, Saint Marie Records, Nine Mile Records and, as Nate said, our own little ATH Records all had the booths up and running. We had the musical stylings of The Sour Bridges and A. Sinclair.

Please enjoy my little photo essay on the Austin Record Label Flea Market. Click through to see what you missed or reminisce…

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Check This New Curved Light Single

While the rock n’ roll scene is clearly alive and flourishing in Austin, lets not forget the incredible electronic scene that continues to inspire. The latest rising star is Curved Light, the project of synth composer Peter Tran. I love the gradual build to this song, especially as the tension pushes and pushes the listener right until the song’s last gasp. Don’t come here looking for that euphoric release, as this is clearly more about composition and structure, of the electronic sort. Look for a brand new batch of compositions on his Channelview mix coming out via Holodeck on this Friday.

ATX Spotlight: New Ambient Tune from VVV

You’ve always got to keep an eye on what Holodeck Records is doing, as they’re the premier label in Austin when it comes to electronic music. They’re currently working on the release of VVV‘s Why El Paso Sky, and we have this great little drifting piece of ambient electronica for your ears today. It’s the perfect little piece, almost like a blip in a greater soundtrack due to its brevit. It has this unfolding element, settling in the middle into absolute quiet, then moving to the song’s close. It sounds like this release will be a journey through the depths of Shawhin’s cavernous mind; look for the release on March 10th.

Holodeck Announces VVV Collection

Clearly Holodeck had a banner year last year with all they deserved hype around Survive, but they’ve been fostering incredible electronic music here in Austin for some time, much like producer VVV. Throughout the last few years he’s released several EPs and tracks specializing in his thought provoking intelligent dance music, and Why El Paso Sky is a collection of b-sides and rarities in hopes your ears will pay closer attention as he preps more tunes for you in 2017. Settle into the cold dreary morning that is today with this tune, and grab it from Holodeck on March 10th.

Check the New Troller Video

holodeckI won’t lie to you; I completely should have been on the ball giving more love to Troller. Their one of the great bands in Holodeck‘s stable, bringing some of the most interesting electronic music in town to the masses. Troller just released Graphic, which is a darkened collection of lush synth-pop tracks, including this standout, “Storm Maker.” The video matches the feeling of the song, unfolding various images as the vocals dance around in the atmosphere. If you’re smart, you’ll get your hands on the LP right away.

Troller – Storm Maker from HOLODECK on Vimeo.

ATX Spotlight: Flatliner Shares Black Medicine EP In Full

unnamedWe’ve been telling y’all about this Black Medicine EP from Austin’s own Flatliner for a little while now, but now there is really no excuse not to take a listen to some of the finer Austin tunes on the electronic/dance side of things. A week before its street release, Flatliner are streaming this ethereal dance party up on their soundcloud page for you to enjoy for free and then pick up the physical release next week. The whole thing is a mix of dystopian waves of synth and dark grooves to get your ass moving. Once you’re done jamming to these great electronic sounds, you can head over here to preorder the record. 

ATX Spotlight: BOAN Readies Mentiras LP

boneIn case you’ve been hiding under a rock here in Austin, you’ve likely already heard BOAN, or at least I hope you have.  The duo is made up of Jose Cota (of Ssleeperhold) and Mariana Saldana, and they’ve been working to create their minimal electronic music for some time, and finally are ready to share their new album, Mentiras, with you.  While not all the group’s songs go this route, the usage of Spanish in the lyrics pays a bit of homage to the cultural heritage of the duo; it adds a bit of international flare to the budding electro pop they’ve carefully been crafting. Personally, I love the dark turn this track takes on in the second half.  Holodeck Records will be releasing Mentiras on June 9th.

Another Fine Piece from Marie Davidson

maryLooking back, or listening back, at the buzz from SXSW, several of our friends consistently through Marie Davidson at us, hoping we could get a chance to check her out.  After spending quite a bit of time with her new album, Un Autre Voyage, I can definitely get behind the hype, so it’s only fair that I share her latest single.  While constructed largely as an unraveling electronic piece, her spoken vocals add an extra layer that makes the song impactful.  Don’t look for her to hit you over the head with throbbing beats, but rather let her guide you through the caverns of her work.  Holodeck Records releases the new album on April 14th.

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