Hot New Track From Holy Esque

Our Glasgow amigos in Holy Esque once played a show for me at Nomad, and I have remained a loyal fan ever since. It’s crazy that the band has been absolutely silent for about a year, but the guys are now ready to share with us what they’ve been working on for all that time. This new track, “I Am The Truth”, is to serve as a preview for the new full length LP entitled Television/Sweetwhich is due out June 8th via Beyond the Frequency. What can I say really, this is Holy Esque at their best and finest. A heavy synth, that always impressive gruff vocal, and of course the guitar freak out ending is always welcome. I say go on and pre-order the new record while you enjoy this one.

Top 50 Albums of 2016

top50You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016. It’s really really important. We’re going to make our site great again with this list. We’re going to win, bigly. But really, it’s just a list of the stuff we loved the most that we covered throughout this year on our site. The comment section is open, so feel free to tell us where we’ve gone wrong or what we’ve got right or anything else fitting. Read more

ATH Takes Over Nomad @ Nomad Bar (3/15)

nomadparty_ATHAfter a lot of hard work and tweaking of some components, I’m finally pleased to share the news of a show we have going down on Tuesday, March 15th at Nomad Bar in Austin. Personally I think this might be one of the best lineups we’ve ever been able to put together. Find some deets below and we’ll see ya there. Facebook event link.

Location: Nomad Bar Austin (Maps)

Time: ATH Happy Hour with music by us 5pm-7pm.Music @ 7pm.

Lineup: Keeps, Holy Esque, The Crookes, Adult Books, Oberhofer, Girls Names (check set times on that fancy poster)

Free & Open to the public. 21+ only. Sorry kids.

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Let’s Have Another Holy Esque Tune

7332eebf-c385-4bad-a227-4d0c27b6b76eAs many of you know, I’m awaiting the day all of you folks out there can hear this new Holy Esque album coming out in February. I was close to nominating it for our album’s of the year list but then had to remind myself that it’s not yet available to the public. So right now I’m saying the album will certainly be on my year end list for 2016. If you can find it, get it. Prior to the release, the band is offering up one more single as a preview. Find “Tear” below for your enjoyment.

At Hope’s Ravinewill be out on February 26th via Rough Trade Records.

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Keep The Post-Punk Party Going With Holy Esque

holyesqyeIt’s been a pretty damn good week for new post-punk tracks, so let’s keep the ball rolling with this new track from Scottish band, Holy Esque. This track, “Silences” is not so heavy as we’ve been frequently hearing within the post-punk genre, but it seems rather to be a bit of a breezier take. The guitars grumble and glide through the mix, with just enough grit to match the lead growling vocals. Meanwhile, the drums create a sort of bounce to the track that will have your head nodding. Take a listen below and enjoy.


Mesmerizing New Single From Holy Esque

2012HolyEsquePR240112Glasgow group Holy Esque has certainly seen many posts on this here website over the years, and rightfully so.  Amazingly enough after several years of coverage on ATH the band is finally releasing a proper full LP after a couple of EPs to keep us happy.  Below is a taste of the new album with new single “Hexx”.  Old fans of the band will immediately recognize the distinct and powerful vocals of lead singer Pat Hynes.  Let’s not forget the powerful rock sounds coming from the rest of the band who manage to compliment those vocals perfectly.  Carry on.

At Hope’s Ravine will hit stores on February 26th via Beyond the Frequency.

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New Jam From Holy Esque

2012HolyEsquePR240112Holy Esque is a Scottish band we discovered a couple of years ago after hearing their irresistible tunes on the interwebs.  Luckily for us, the band has decided to stop in for our little SXSW festival in March AND are giving us this new single “Silences”.  It’s yet another tune where you can feel the emotion and power behind every guitar note and vocal yell.  I’ve already got these guys near the top of my festival to watch list.  I recommend you do the same.

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More New Music From Holy Esque

A couple of weeks ago we ran a brand new song from Scottish rock band Holy Esque called “Prophet of Privilege” and Nate and I immediately were drawn to the band.  As Nathan already commented, singer Pat Hynes is again the stand out on this track “Ladybird Love” as he seems to get so worked up that he can barely get out the next word.  The guy obviously brings some major emotion and passion to his music and we all love that.  As previously mentioned, the band has a new self-titled EP coming out April 23rd.  Pick it up.


Download: Holy Esque – Ladybird Love [MP3]

Scottish Rocker from Holy Esque

Up until now, everything coming out of Glasgow, at least in my mind, has come across with this calm beauty to it, that is until I ran into this new tune from Holy Esque.  Singer Pat Hynes has this stuttering vocal delivery that gives off a weird sort of tension, as if the group’s about to explode.  I don’t know really how else to go into detail, as Hynes has the standout performance on this track.  You can find this number, as well as others when the band releases their Holy Esque EP on April 23rd…should be more than just your run of the mill Scottish rock.



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