Landlady Unleash Another Single

landladyWhen we first heard from Landlady, the project of Man Man‘s Adam Shatz, we were ecstatic to hear what this new group offered.  Now that we’ve got another single to sink our teeth into, things are looking even better than before.  The vocals are patiently delivered, moving slowly to match the pace of the track as it moves effortlessly between louder rock moments and ornate guitar picking.  You’ll be able to hear the entire thing from the band when they release Upright Behavior on July 15th via Hometapes.

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Creative Pop from Pattern Is Movement

Photo by Peter EnglishIt’s been almost six complete years since we last heard the music of Pattern Is Movement, but we’re all welcoming their triumphant return.  When I listen to this song, I hear a lot of similarities between what the group is doing and what’s been done by Dirty Projectors.  That being said, the edges here are softer, not nearly as angular.  That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to find yourself enthralled by the world the band has created on their new self-titled effort.  It’s being released on April 1st by Hometapes, and they’ve got several great shows lined up for SXSW.



Pleased to Meet You: Landlady

artworks-000070713585-wtoc0s-t500x500Collective groups are always interesting.  Sometimes you get to witness the powerful combination of songwriters, and other times, you get to watch things fall apart.  Landlady, the project of Adam Schatz of Man Man and his friends is picking up steam out of Brooklyn.  They’ve released a new single as they finish up work on their new album, which is slated for a summer release on Hometapes. This tune begins with a little piano tinkering before working in some jittery vocals that are reminiscent of Schatz’s main project.  The group heads on into Austin for SXSW, and while they’re name might not be out there just yet, it’s definitely one you should keep on your radar…even if you’re not going to be here for the festival.

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R&B Influenced Jam from Pattern Is Movement

PatternIsMovement-PeterEnglish-72I’m still amazed at what two dudes can accomplish with today’s modern recordings processes, which is why I think I’m really drawn to the latest track from Pattern Is Movement.  The vocal definitely harkens to the alluded R&B touch, especially when you combine that with the modern auto-tune usage, but I just dig the construction of the song itself.  It’s got this smooth vibe to it, and as it unfolds, it offers more little musical bits than one would expect from two people.  You’ll find this tune on the duo’s upcoming 12″ for Hometapes; this is a stop-gap before the band release their new LP in early 2014.

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More New Music From Celestial Shore

1989Back in June, I was turned on to Brooklyn based outfit Celestial Shore and their brand of quirky experimental pop music.  After taking a liking to the band back then, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more new music from the band.  Well today my searching is over as the band has graciously offered up this new track “Swimmer’s Sinking Feeling” which can be found below.  Last time I compared the band to Dirty Projectors, but this time I’m just going to call them a great pop band who can create some memorable pop tunes.

As previously mentioned, the band have a new album 10x due out September 3rd on Hometapes and Local Singles Records.

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New Experimental Pop From Celestial Shore

1989Upon first listen to new track “Stairs Under Stars” from Celestial Shores, most will immediately compare the band to fellow experimental pop hit makers Dirty Projectors.  I’m sure most bands would take such a comparison as a compliment so lets say they mix Projectors with a touch of some swirly/surfy guitars thrown in for good measure.  Check out the track below and let us know what you think.

New album, 10x, is due out September 3rd on Hometapes & Local Singles Records.

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Lets Have Fun with All Tiny Creatures

alltinycreatures_by_chris_rosenauAt first I didn’t really know what to make of this new jam from All Tiny Creatures, but like all good things, I came around. Sometimes it’s best if we sit back and revel in bands that are just making joyous music.  There’s definitely a hodge-podge of sounds working within it: I hear modern electro-pop and even some eighties guitar riffs.  It’s funny how it all actually fits together in one rad little track.  This tune and more will be on the band’s new record, Dark Clock, which comes out May 28th via Hometapes.  It’ll be interesting to see what they do with a whole album!


Download: All Tiny Creatures – Quickest Cut [MP3]

Incredible New Pop from AU

When you first press play on the new single from AU, you get the feeling that it’s going to be that sort of sprawling track that ambles on and on, but you’ll soon learn that there’s more to it than that, as the band jumps off into a quick paced romp of their own liking.  It’s the unexpected twist that makes the group so enjoyable to listen to time and time again.  You can find this track and others on the band’s upcoming Both Lights LP, which will land in stores on April 3rd by way of Hometapes.  If anything, at least give the group credit for moving outside the typical pop structures.


Download: AU – Solid Gold


New Music from Megafaun

What? You don’t want more new music from the bearded lads in Megafaun?  Well, too bad! They’re prepping their self-titled double LP, Megafuan, which will land in your lap on September 20th via Hometapes.  As more new songs leak out, you can’t help but hope that the mastery these guys have shown in their gentle song construction will be replicated throughout the entire album.  There’s bits of banjo, which the band promises is the only time its used on the record, and the whispering vocals compliment the emotional quality of the song.  Is September here yet?


Download: Megafaun – State/Meant [MP3]

New Music from Brad Laner

Brad Laner probably has his name thrown around with Medicine far too often.  While the old shoegase troupe had a decent following, Brad’s been busy working on other project ever since.  He’s readying a new 12″ where he’s accompanied by the Norwegian group Joensuu 1685, and the first listen we have is remarkable.  There’s a slight fuzz on the vocals, knifing guitar harmonies, and an element of darkness that he’s added to the cover of this classic Chicago track.  For those of us with a nostalgic pop leaning, this looks to be an effort that will cure all your ills. You can grab the 12″ now via Hometapes.


Download: Brad Laner – Feelin Stronger Every Day [MP3]

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