Holy Fuck Release New Track

I had a super late night…not for partying but for you know, life and stuff. But, I woke up to this hot new track from Holy Fuck, who haven’t done anything official in several years. The pulsing electronica, the participation of Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip) and the overall energy it provided make this tune well worth your morning listening. Just turn it up real loud, let that throbbing hook just jump right into your life and lift your spirits. Just feels like you could all use a real sweet jam to get your day going…and if you jump to the Spotify page, there’s a longer version from the band, but let’s go with the radio edit this round, eh?

Sound on Sound Lineup is Here!

Well ladies and germs, it’s here, our friends over at Margin Walker have yet again outdone themselves this year with an incredibly impressive lineup. Simply looking at the big names of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Iggy Pop, and The Shins should be enough to get your butt out there. Digging deeper we’ve got Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, my teenage self in various forms via Taking Back Sunday, and holy hell… Cannibal Corpse! Even the small names near the bottom are impressive with Hoops and Girlpool just to name a couple. Something here for everyone. Well done guys, well done. The festival will again take place out in Sherwood Forrest on November 10th-12th.

GA tickets and more can be found here. Full lineup also on SOS site or can be seen by clicking the poster on your left.

Fun Pop from Flying Ibex

flybexHonestly, you’d be amazed at how many times an ibex has popped up in my crosswords of late…but more importantly is this new track from the UK act, Flying Ibex. It’s a chilled out dance house groove, which reminds me of the calmer side of Hot Chip, focusing on the song’s inherent hook. I like to settle into my electronica, rather than be forced to stay on par with the pace, so this one’s perfect for me. If you’re looking for something groovy this afternoon, hit up this number.

Here’s a New Pollen Track

pollPollen is a Finnish based-act (not to be confused with the Philly power-pop act, nor that Austin artist formerly known as). They’ve just upped this brand new single, and I think fans of Hot Chip or LCD Soundsystem will definitely find a sound to enjoy within the confines of this video. Still, what’s drawing me to the track isn’t the throbbing pulse of the song itself, but rather the music working beneath each layer…jazzed up percussion, touches of horns and electronic flourishes. This video comes from the band’s new album, Confidence Will Kill You, which comes out January 15th via Royal Mint Records.


Dutch Uncles Offer Quirky Dance Pop

doubledutchSeems like Hot Chip‘s been rather quiet, so the next big thing for those that like nerdy dance music has to be Dutch Uncles.  They use some of the same touches, offering a main vocalist grooving over the top of gang vocals; it’s playful, which matches the musical approach of the group.  But, like my favorite dance music, I like the fact that there’s a prominent instrument featured here; you can hear the guitar knifing it’s way through the entirety of the track.  This tune will appear on the band’s new album, O Shudder, which will be added to an already packed February 24th via Memphis Industries.

Contest: Win Tickets to Hot Chip DJ Set!!! (12/13)

hotchipperMonday’s gone, so we’re all looking towards the weekend already, right? Well, what better way to guarantee a good time than by polishing off your old dancing shoes, put on that swank outfit and hitting the dance floor with some great acts?! You’re in luck, as members of Hot Chip will be hosting a DJ set with their friend Museum of Love (Pat from LCD SS); this party will rage all night over at Ironwood Hall.   It’ll be a night of great beats and good times, brought to you by our friends at Transmission Entertainment.  Win a pair of tickets by letting me know your favorite go to Dance Track between now and Thursday 11:59 CST…and I’ll set you up with a pair.

In case you don’t win, you can but tickets HERE for $20.

I heard they’re going to play this song:


Download: Hot Chip – Over & Over [MP3]

Something Dance-y from Avid Dancer

AVIDThe press release on this tune read as a melding of Hot Chip and The Dandy Warhols. That was definitely enough to peak my interest in regards to Avid Dancer.  This song doesn’t have the immediacy of a HC bounding hook, but I can definitely hear that cool swoon in the bits of vocals. There’s a steadier pacing too, at least until you move your way into the beat-y chorus.  I like the infectious attitude, but I also appreciate the restraint; it means longevity in my listening rotation. This tune is the title track from the I Want To See you Dance EP, which comes out on October 21st.

White Arrows – Dry Land Is Not a Myth

Rating: ★★★ · ·

Some bands manage to get the timing just right, and as we move closer the official arrival of Summer it seems that White Arrows have arrived with their debut right on time.  Dry Land Is Not a Myth is filled with an electronic influence that’s aimed more at dance floors than bedroom pop experiments; it’s best listened to at high volumes with a bunch of your friends.

When you start off with “Roll Over” you can grasp at the live performance by White Arrows; the guitars are much more prominent, and the vocals unfold carefully, creating a bit of anxiety as the song builds towards the spastic chorus.  But, the album doesn’t fully kick in until you’ve reached “Get Gone,” the following track on Dry Land Is Not a Myth.  Here, you’ll find the band spinning their style around sampled beats, though you still get some angular guitar parts stuttering in the background.  Hand claps compliment the stuttering vocal delivery, and if proper volume is reached, you’re going to be bouncing around your room.

For me, “Coming and Going” is the heart and soul of the record, not to say bright moments are absent beyond, but this is a record built on electronica, and combined with the soulful crooning of the chorus, you can feel the classic pop seeping through the cracks with hints of oddball programmed sounds subtly creeping in to the track; it’s much like a track you’d expect Hot Chip to throw your way–there’s soul, but there’s also a dance element. It matches well with the closer on Dry Land Is Not a Myth, “Fireworks at Sea.”  There’s a wash of electronic atmospherics that coats the song in a sort of fog, but that’s juxtaposed with sprightly guitar licks and a bouncy vocal delivery from Mickey Church.  “Get Gone” might be a hit, but these two tracks exemplify the sound of White Arrows when they’re at their best.

But, it’s not all about beating you over the head with dance jams; the group also goes into more traditional rock n’ roll territory, only with an electronic bent.  “I Can Go” is one such song where the guitar seems to be the focus of the track, rather than the throbbing rhythm from some machine.  That being said, it does make the record a bit disjointed in parts, which I blame on the sequencing of the tracks.  Thrown somewhere else, this is a fitting track, but following three dance heavy songs, it seems amiss.  Still, band’s, especially on their debut, are allowed some missteps, are they not?

As a debut, Dry Land Is Not a Myth is quite a statement. It’s an album filled with hooks, both in the songwriting and the vocals. The songs don’t run too long, so you’re not going to feel burdened by redundancy, instead you’ll feel energized as the group provides you with exciting pop jams over and over again.   It’s a solid debut, and one that will surely give White Arrows claim to the perfect claim to Summer Album 2012.


Download:White Arrows – Fireworks Of The Sea [MP3]

New Music from Super Melody

Those in New York need to get ready, as Super Melody is set to invade the United States, with the majority of the dates slated in NYC.  The group is made up primarily of James Cecil, formerly of Architecture In Helsinki.  He’s coming to support the release of his record, Destination Unknown (which is not a reference to Rancid lyrics, sadly).  You’ll notice that there’s still an influence of AIH here, just with some of the samples, but the song below will show you a more electronic feel, reminiscent of bands like Hot Chip.  So, even if we’re not all in New York or California, at least we can appreciate a little dance party action.


Download: Super Melody – Tinder Hearted [MP3]

New Jam from Thieves Like Us

Man, after a rough couple of days, I needed a jam like this one.  Thieves Like Us are returning with their Your Love Runs Still EP on May 10th, their first effort for killer label Captured Tracks.  After listening to this title track several times, I sort of see this as a less quirky take on what Hot Chip have been doing.  It focuses on the beat and groove, giving your body that needed emotion to swiftly move about the house, but in a much less spastic manner than most dance tracks.  You can definitely see how a song like this will help the band fit right into the stable of great bands on CT.  Well played guys.


Download: Thieves Like Us – Your Love Runs Still [MP3]

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