Young Mammals Share Lost in Lima

As a Texas based blog, we’ve got to rep the state whenever possible, especially when its an act we’re already committed to: Young Mammals. They’ve recently announced Lost in Lima, their new LP…and below it the album’s title track; they had me hooked before hearing the song when they name dropped Wire and Neruda in the recording process. For my two cents, this song is bordering on jangle; it’s got its own bit of fog that sort of hangs over the group, which actually makes the pop sensibility billow through your speakers as things progress. I love the softness of the vocals, like a nice bit of frosting on an already delicious cake. The new record will be out on Wallflower Records on June 22nd.

Pleased To Meet You: Low Horizon

Low Horizon is an up and coming 4 piece band straight out of our friendly neighbor city to the East, Houston, TX. The band is a totally DIY effort, recording music on their own with plans to self-release a debut album on May 10th entitled Eternal Depressed Summer. For a preview of the band’s work, we’ve been cleared to share this new single, “Eternal Summer”. For me, the band create this infectious blend of 90s indie rock with an updated, higher quality production to deliver something new and unique. Nice to meet you.

You can pre-order Eternal Depressed Summer over on the group’s bandcamp page.

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Gimme 5 – Wild Moccasins

After the great many successes of my Gimme 5 playlist feature, I thought it was nigh time we feature a Texas based artists on this thing. Imagine my luck, Houston based band Wild Moccasins are coming through town on January 17th at Stubbs Jr. and they were feeling the idea. Zahira Gutierrez, who fronts the band, chose five songs which truly inspire her and bring her joy as she creates her own music. To see what she came up with, hit the post for words, songs, and videos.

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Rose Ette Share Latest Single

Not more than a month ago, Houston’s Rose Ette dropped Ignore the Feeling via Miss Champagne Records. But, since music never dies, we’re here to share the album’s title track with you, if only to remind you of how great the entirety of the LP is. The twisting and turning of the guitar is beautiful, if not sedated, setting the stage so the vocal melodies can take control of your ears. You’ll find the lyrical content matching the yearning mood of the song, looking back on something you can’t quite escape. The distorted guitar touch at the end is perfect, wrapping up the track in the most concise manner possible, leaving you with just a bit of an edge. Grab the LP HERE; the vinyl version drops in January.

New Rose Ette Drops Friday

We’ve heard whispers of the forthcoming Rose Ette release, but not until the other day did we get a chance to hear any of the tunes the band would offer on their new LP. The first of the tunes is definitely in line with the indiepop vibes, landing perfectly in the zone of Alvvays or Frankie Cosmos. The second single the band is sharing is a touch more thoughtful, slowly unfurling the trickling melody of the vocals; they flesh it out with a nice distorted guitar fuzz at the latter half, though they never stray too far from melodic sense. The band will release Ignore the Feeling this Friday, but if you live in Austin…they’ll be at Hotel Vegas tonight with Blushing!

Dance Yrself Clean with Guess Genes

We’re big fans of Houston’s Buxton, so it would make sense that we’d be ready to jump on board with Sergio Trevino’s new project, Guess Genes. But, aside from Sergio, there aren’t too many sonic similarities; his work now includes his lyrical storytelling working over club-worthy beats. Like the best of the electronic genre, there’s little guitar chords clearly cutting through the beat, forcing a nice little bounce in your step. Feel like today we could also use a step-up, seeing as its only Wednesday, so why not turn up and dance around with GG. The project will drop a self-titled album sometime this May via Very Jazzed.

Check Another Sam Turner and the Cactus Cats Tune

Houston’s Sam Turner and the Cactus Cats just dropped Wanna Be Your Man, and to guarantee it gets the much needed attention we wanted to point you towards one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Hold Me Love Me.” This track has that growling country vibe, filled to the brim with swagger and stomp. I love the crisp feel of the guitar in the front of the mix, not to mention the feeling that the band are having a huge amount of fun writing these songs (hear those howls). Still, it’s ultimately a love song, and be it indiepop or country-stomp, I’m a sucker. You can grab the album from Roofus and Friends or stream it on Spotify.

Meet Sam Turner and the Cactus Cats

When you listen to Sam Turner & the Cactus Cats, it’s going to be hard to not feel the Southern vibe in the vocal tones. But, don’t just file this away under Texas folk/Americana, as the group seems to owe far more debt to indie traditions than it might first appear. I love the way the song has this circular feel, sweeping you away to tap your toes as guitar notes shoot off into the distance and the song returns to its steady stomp. Plus, the melody of the verse as Sam sings “I belong with no one but you” is sublimely memorable. This song is the title track to the band’s debut LP, Wanna Be Your Man, which is being released on June 9th via Roofus and Friends; there’s a release show on the same day in Houston if you’re in that neck of the woods!

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Bright New Single From Pearl Crush

Our amigos in Houston who run new label Poison Moon Records pointed me to this new song called “First Blush” from Mandy Kim Clinton’s project Pearl Crush. The song is a bright bit of dream pop complete with shiny vocals and a slick feel throughout the production. All in all, a great tune to carry you through the middle of the week. This track and another entitled “Semiprecious Stone” is out right now on 7″ vinyl. Buy now!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Day For Night Recap

day-for-night-sun-324We heard such great things about the inaugural Day for Night Fest that B. Gray and I just had to attend this year…that and Aphex Twin was playing. It was definitely a special experience, with far more highs than lows, thus rendering this year’s festival a success in our eyes.

You can follow below for our highlights. And stay tuned for more photos from B.

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