Happy Birthday Hardly Art

We’ve been running this little blog here just about ten years, which, no coincidence, is the same age as Hardly Art Records. They’re kicking off things right by bringing out a new compilation, Hardly Released…and in style, they’re opening up the vault with this unreleased Hunx and His Punx tune. I know we’re tired of garage rock, by and large, but no one has ever put it together quite like Hunx; Hairdresser Blues (which came out on Hardly Art) is a must have for anyone that’s a fan of the genre. Looking forward to seeing what else is unearthed in this collection; you’ll find out on June 2nd.

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Fun Pop Music from Acting Strange

actingI think a lot of people often take this whole music thing far too seriously, which is well-and-good, in some instances. But, that being said, sometimes I just wanna have a little fun, which is where Acting Strange fits in. The group has this hook-laden boogie feeling, aided by a touch of garage rock influences; to be honest, it’s a lot like some of the work Hunx and His Punx have completed…another reason I love it! The band are currently working on wrapping up their newest album, so be on the lookout for that in the very near future from In Black Records; I promise to keep you posted.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/258629285″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Hunx & His Punx Rocking Out Again

Hunx & PunxLast year’s Hairdresser Blues brought us the softer side of Hunx, but now that he’s working with his Punx again things are amped right back up.  This new tune from his upcoming Street Punk LP is a quick little blast with jagged guitar word and breakneck speed…it’s over in just over 1.5 minutes.  It seems there’s definitely two sides to Mr. Hunx, and I’m always down to listen to both.  The newest release will be coming your way on July 23rd via Hardly Art Records.


Download: Hunx & His Punx – You Think You’re Tough [MP3]

Rock n’ Roll from Hunx and His Punx

hunxpunx_smallIt seems like Hunx has an agenda set up for his future: rock it out with Hunx and His Punx and play garage rock ballads with Hunx. Hardly Art is gearing up to release Street Punk on July 23rd, and since it’s a HHP album, it definitely is a departure from Hairdresser Blues.  From the opening moment on the lead single, you can feel the ferocity that’s about to ensue, but while it may have a heavier leaning sound, there’s still that elemental hook that Hunx always maintain.  It might be brief and fleeting, but it’s definitely still Hunx at the center of it all, not to mention the song alone is an ode to bad skin, so we’ve still got the humor I love.  Looks like we’ve got a rocking affair coming our way!


Download: Hunx and His Punx – Bad Skin [MP3]

Show Preview: Hunx and His Punx @ Mohawk (4/18)

Date Wednesday, April 18th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $8 from Frontgate

Need a little fix of poppy garage rock on Hump Day, then I think you better do your best to make your way over to Mohawk to catch this excellent show! Opener Hunx and His Punx just released Hairdresser Blues on Hardly Art, and it has some of the best songs he’s written to date, not to mention his always entertaining sets.  Then you’ll get the heavier, yet equally incredible Natural Child from Nashville, intent upon breaking into our hearts and ears.  And opening up the night are two other hot acts in our eyes, Grape Street and The Vomettes.  Probably one of the best line-ups I’ve seen in a bit, so be there or be square.


Download:Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane [MP3]


New Country-Tinged Jam from Natural Child

The offices over at ATH have been really crazy lately, so when we stumble across a truly fun track, we’ve got to throw it in the mix!  I’ve spent the last few days jamming to this track from Natural Child, the newest sensation out of Nashville. The group will be dropping their new LP, For the Love of the Game, on April 20th via Burger Records, just before heading out on the road with our favorite Hunx and his Punx (including an Austin date on 4/18). This almost has a bluesy-feel to it, which is no surprise coming from Tennessee, but it’s got just the right amount of garage grit to make it a stomping tune we can all get behind, right? Buen proveche.


Download:Natural Child – Ain’t Gonna Stop [MP3]

Hunx – Hairdresser Blues

Rating: ★★★★☆

Almost less than a year ago, we got Too Young To Be In Love, the second (sort of) album from Hunx and His Punx.  It was filled with its usual amounts of scuzzy punk and bits of kitsch.  But, that era of frivolity seems to have dissipated, if only temporarily, leaving us with the first solo outing of Hunx.  Unlike his normal gig, we find the man much more exposed, emotionally speaking, giving us a personal spin on his always affecting tunes.

“Your Love Is Here to Stay” begins the mellow affair with Hunx reflecting upon a lasting love, but it’s the gentle strummed guitar that distinguishes this from his more frenetic numbers.  There’s an element of innocence here too that’s certainly endearing for listener’s, exposing our narrator.  “Private Room” maintains that same sentiment, yet with the added female vocal accompaniment and impacting drums, you’ll find a bit more pace on this number.  Stylistically, it’s more what you’ve come to expect from Hunx‘s traditional fare.

The one-two punch of hits on Hairdresser Blues comes in the form of “Always Forever” and “Hairdresser Blues.”  The first of these two tracks definitely has that California garage-rock feel to it, but only with more restraint–in a positive way.  For me, the response of “always forever” certainly grabs my attention and makes it a song I’ll play for some time. “Hairdresser Blues” is a jangling piece of joyousness, though the lyrical content might make you think otherwise.  It’s sort of like Hunx‘s version of a Sonny and the Sunsets, compiling pieces of sunshine, pop, and grit to craft a well-written tune.

Perhaps what hits home the most with the record are the two closing tracks.  “Say Goodbye Before You Leave” reminisces about Hunx‘s relationship with Jay Reatard, a personal favorite, so it definitely hits a personal note.  But, more importantly it’s a song about loss, which holds a universal theme for us all, so regardless of the subject matter for our songwriter here, we can all relate to this, especially the closing statement that “it’s just too bad.” Apparently, “When You’re Gone” is another homage to a bit of loss, with Hunx reflecting about his deceased father.  Again, the universality of his lyrics on this effort stand out, bringing home the personal message that seems so important to the narrative being spun on Hairdresser Blues. It wraps up the record with an emotional reminder that surely resonates with every listener–worth the dozen or more spins I’ve given it in the last hour.

What stands out the most about this record really has to be the exposed persona of Hunx on Hairdresser Blues.  While he’s usually a bundle of energy and sexuality (things I enjoy), there’s a personal note on this effort that really supersedes the music.  While it is a bit solemn, the sincerity leaves you with a bit of solace, a bit of clarity and hope.  If he starts to combine these elements with his old-school brashness, there’s no telling what a huge hit Hunx could be.


Download:Hunx – Always Forever [MP3]

New Music From Hunx

Earlier this year, Seth Bogart (often known simply as Hunx) released incredible throwback album Too Young To Be In Love with his Punx in tow.  As much as we loved that record around these parts, it seems likely that we’ll equally love Hunx first solo effort Hairdresser Blues out February 28th via the ever expanding Hardly Art Records.  Until that date, enjoy this new song “Always Forever” and let us know what ya think.  I think it’s my jam of the week.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/HXS_AlwaysForever.mp3]

Download: Hunx – Always Forever [MP3]

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