Squirrel Share I Love You Single

There’s a special spot in my heart for oddball pop rock, from the early Elephant 6 to bands like Tripping Daisy or even early Flaming Lips, so this is immediately where my mind traveled when I began to listen to the new single from Squirrel. Opening with a huge punch, the song jumps into this bright blast of melody, operating a fuzzy little riff while the vocals course up and down holding tight to that juicy hook. The chorus offers a big blast of rolling drums and fury, albeit, done with a little lo-fi flare. If you’re digging on it, check out Squirrel, and the forthcoming Human Teeth Parade EP dropping on March 14th.

Going Back to Belhoss’ Hiding EP

The great thing about running a little small site is people hit you up from time to time, just looking for an ear, which is how I hit upon BelhossHiding EP from a year or so ago. When I played the song below, I relished the slow burn of the musical elements; it’s got this fuzzy cavernous vibe to it, and the movement is just slow enough to let the melody sink into you. In the vocals, they’re almost too distorted, just on the cusp of coming across like another instrument, which I don’t mind one bit. So, if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the full EP!

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