I Was a King Share Brand New Single

It’s Friday, and there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket of melodic pop, such as Norway’s I Was a King offer on their latest single. Frode and Anna Lise are the absolute stars here, with the light jangling and tinkering piano lurking quietly in the background; they’re clearly hanging out in the song, with the piano sparkling in its work, though they, too, are in awe of the majestic powers of the vocal work this go round. A forlorn bit of guitar slides in between the cracks, all of it giving this textured blend of classic power pop that confirms our belief that I Was a King is one of the best power-pop acts around. We’ve been promised there will be more new music from the group as the year goes forward, so more great Friday news!

Colored Lights Share Ashes Single

You’d have to go back years and years to find out when I first feel for Frome Strostad’s songwriting; he first came to my attention with I Was a King, but has played with folks like Peter Buck of REM and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. After dropping a new I Was a King LP, he’s now focused on another project, Colored Lights. Today there’s a light folk pop jangler coming from the band, and I can’t help but to swoon at the gentle nature here; you feel as if you’re gently being caressed, like being lulled to sleep by a beautiful lullaby. The musicianship behind is perfect as well, texturizing the track so as to maximize every bend and jangle in the songwriting. Colored Lights release their self-titled LP on September 22nd via Bobo Integral.

Colored Lights Share Stabbing Clouds Single

Frode Stromstad is really putting his songwriting into overdrive, having fairly recently released an I Was a King LP…now he’s got his new project Colored Lights set for their debut LP. When you press play, you’re instantly greeted by this groovy pulse, setting up this steady backbone for the track to ride upon. Frode’s vocals take on these fantastical notes, hitting tones somewhere between nostalgic yearning and futuristic hope; his performance is definitely one of the selling points of this track. Mixing up tidbits of psych and power pop, you’re going to definitely hear sprinkles of all your favorite genres coming in from the latest Colored Lights single; they drop their self-titled debut on August 22nd via Bobo Integral.

Introducing Colored Lights

Over the past dozen years or so, I’ve been covering the music of Frode Stromstad, one of the key songwriters in I Was a King/The No Ones. Today, news came our way that Frode has a new project titled Colored Lights, and we’re more than happy to share the first little taste of what’s in store. Personally, I can’t escape the familiarity of Frode’s voice; it seems to sit perfectly in this song, like a small little boat casually resting atop the water as the song ripples through your speakers. Emotional impact is almost immediate, matching up the light strum and percussion with Stromstad’s voice…and then it’s gone, fading away with a gentle bit of noise exploration. The band will release their self-titled LP via Bobo Integral on September 22nd.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.24 – 10.28)

It’s strange. Last week, I was complaining that the tunes were drying up as its nearing the end of the year. And here we are, RayRay and I getting a solid 20 songs up, plus interviews and coverage of Levitation. Guess we crushed it, along with our friend JWagner, who gave us some solid Babe Rainbow coverage. Personally, of all the tracks I loved last week, that Heather Trost tune is just a flat out star; I need ya’ll to get behind me on this! Our Aussie friends in Deuce also dropped us a new ditty, plus we got a new Tubs announcement out there. Tune in and let us know what you’re loving.

Friday Album Streams: Ribbon Stage, the Smashing Times, Junior Boys + More

Lots of albums dropping just in time to make the year end lists, and here’s my favorites that came our way this week. I mean, we’ve already raved and raved about Ribbon Stage, which actually came out last week, but I was late on that game. Plus, I Was a King and the Smashing Times both have new records out that should be on their way to my house. No need for much to do, but here’s our faves.

Junior BoysWaiting Game

I Was a KingFollow Me Home

The Smashing TimesBloom (Meritorio Records)

Ribbon StageHit with the Most (K Records)


Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.17 – 10.21)

In a week where tons was going on, we hit it fairly harder than I remember. We ran a preview of Levitation (kicking off this week) by catching up with La Femme, plus we learned how to make a sweet acai bowl with Ribbon Stage. Dropped a few brand new tunes from folks like The Living Pins and Elizabeth, plus through out some encouraging album streams from Melby, Twain and more. This is a great way to catch up on all those tunes we ran, and maybe jump back in time and look at our interviews. Or, just turn it up and rock it out, cuz you know, Monday.

I Was a King Share Growing Wild Video

A few weeks back we covered this great song from the forthcoming I Was a King LP, and now, I feel its in your best interest to remind you of the song’s powers by sharing their fresh new video. The last time I praised the band for maybe taking a step outside the expectations of power-pop, but this go round, let’s highlight Anne Lise Frokedal. Her stunning performance here should come as no surprise if you’ve listened to her solo work as Frokedal; I suggest checking out How We Made It. The more time I spend with this song, the more I’m almost frightened by how incredible it is. You should go grab one of the last remaining copies of Follow Me Home!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.3 – 10.7)

Lots of coverage running around last week, and with ACL in town, there was some coverage of shows and what not. We ended the week throwing up some streams of our favorite LPs that dropped too. But, ultimately, you came here for the tunes, and we had lots of them. Personally, I loved new stuff from I Was a King, Heather Trost and Field School, not to mention the little twist in expectations thrown in by the latest from Smashing Times. RayRay loved some rockers from S.C.A.B and Fluung, and they’ve all been conveniently added for your listening pleasure below. Browse, and head back and see what we had to say if you’re so inclined.

I Was a King Share Growing Wild

On the last single we got from Norwegian outfit I Was a King, we got the most brilliant piece of power pop I’ve heard this year; I still listen to it at least a few times a day. But, on this new track, the band are flexing their musical muscles, still showing an affinity for beautiful melodies and powerful songwriting. When it opens with this sort of recorded echo, I expected the opening guitar strums to jump into a fuzzy pop realm. But, that’s where I seem to always fall in love with I Was a King; they pivot, just as I thought I had them all figured out. Honestly, this feels like a Neko fronted New Pornographers number, only with Anne Lise’s voice, and perhaps a folkier bit of arrangements buried in the mix. The band continues to surprise, thus why I’ve already grabbed Follow Me Home; grab yours from the band before it hits at the end of the month!

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