Brand Spanking New Deardarkhead

deardarkheadYou should already be aware of Deardarkhead, the long-running act of warm noise makers (Captured Tracks) even threw out a retrospective a few years back). They’ve been going strong for the last several years, despite nixing their long-time singer and moving forward as an instrumental act. Oddly, they haven’t seemed to miss a beat, if anything growing stronger as a unit. On this brand new single, I’m a huge fan of the rhythm section, particularly the bass chords that seem to bubble up beneath cascading distorted guitars. There’s movement within the song too, which isn’t always present in instrumental pieces, changing tones and power behind the mix. Their new album Strange Weather will be filled with tunes both startling and soothing; it will be released by the super reliable (and Texas based!) Saint Marie Records on March 25th.

Noisy Number from Sweden’s RA

10931072_854818211237398_8019584073532237023_nOh Sweden how I love you. Sometimes you’re soft and gentle, then other times you’re noisy and chilling. RA definitely gets the nod for the noisy side of things.  They’ve got this wall of guitar noise that shreds your speakers; it sounds dangerous (like what you remember IceAge sounding like before they were boring). They’ve completed their debut, Scandinavia, after working through a ton of singles, so I wanted to get this out there on your radar. Adrian Recordings will be handling the release on March 3rd of this year.

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Show Preview: Ice Age @ Emos

Date Saturday, July 16th
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $8 at the Door

Everyone’s been raving about the Copenhagen group from the get-go.  P4k loved them, as did pretty much everyone else around the globe, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As the summer heat continues to cover us in sweat, this show could be one of mass relief, allowing us to let go with all the energy we have.  It could be dangerous, it could be beautiful, and regardless, it’s going to be incredible.  You’re not going to want to miss out on this show. You can also catch The Creamers, Women in Prison, and Deskonocidos before Ice Age, so make your get there, and let’s let loose with a fury together.


Download: Iceage – New Brigade [MP3]