More Delightful Tunes from Tigercats

kittiesJust a bit ago I brought you a new jam from Tigercats, and at the time, I thought it was going to be something glorious, or at least I hoped.  Now that I’ve heard the latest single from the band, I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be something special.  The careful interplay between male and female vocalists is always endearing, and it’s done exceptionally well here, with keyboardist Laura stepping into her own with the lead role.  You’ll hear some nice doses of keyboards working beneath the harmonies here, all making this indiepop fan swoon.  Look for their album, Mysteries, to come soon via Fortuna Pop.

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Austin Spotlight: Rose Selavy

roseyFree Week in Austin is all about discovery, or at least it used to be about discovery…so I’ve got one that I think deserves your attention: Rose Selavy. The group has fulfilled my need for someone new to bring some delightful indiepop to our fair city (She Sir can’t hold down the fort forever!). They’ve only got one single for you to hear, but it’s enough that it should entice you to catch their sets.  You’ll hear jangling guitars knifing their way through this song, using synth stabs and nice vocal touches to wrap you in the perfect warmth.  They’ll be playing Free Week at Holy Mountain on Saturday, so if you’re not afraid of the cold…this is a good solid spot to end up.

Greatness Continued for The June Brides

julygroomsI’m really glad that Phil Wilson came back to music; I’ve enjoyed his solo work quite a bit since that triumphant return, but I’m really excited for his music with The June Brides too.  Seems like the old band is back together, and finding themselves on the only home that’s fitting, Slumberland Records.  This feels like listening to the guitar playing that spawned a revolution of wandering indiepop fans. They’ll be releasing their new She Seems Quite Free 7″ on September 1st; it’ll probably be the best thing you can get yourself as a post-Labor Day treat.  Feels too good to listen to this track. Must stop. Your turn.

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Lightning Pop from Joanna Gruesome

comicYeah yeah, this song was everywhere. But hey, I’m not going to jump off the Joanna Gruesome train anytime soon. I love that there’s two sides to this tune, which seems to represent my own personal tastes.  The first offering you get is this fast paced riot-girl rock, but they pull back quite a bit to offer a glimpse at the pop sensibility they maintain with ease.  This song is 1 of the 4 off a new 7″ that’s being released as a split with popular Perfect Pussy.  It’ll be accompanied by a nice comic book too, which is the work of Phil McAndrew (his sister rocks in PP).  You’ll want to get your hands on this when it’s released by Captured Tracks, Slumberland Records and Fortuna Pop…a pretty solid triumvirate of rad labels.

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Blissful Pop from Finnmark!

finnI’ve been following the lads in Finnmark for some time, and while they’ve been quiet for the most part, I’m happy to share this new track from the band with you.  The vocals are a bit deeper in tone than on their previous work, but the guitars are still as intoxicating as ever.  These guys write the sort of music that makes you feel good about yourself and about your day, so you’d do best to press play right now.  Wait to find yourself totally hooked around the 1.40 minute mark when things take off.

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Swinging New Music from Fake Laugh

1292079_548783275186775_1750201815_oAnother month, another great postcard single from the lads over at Art Is Hard.  Their newest single comes courtesy of Fake Laugh, who are offering up this swinging bit of indiepop, which reminds me of some local Austin acts like Shivery Shakes.  I like the way the vocal spins a bit into different tunes, while the guitars sharply encourage foot tapping.  You should definitely give this tune enough time to make it all the way up to the chorus; it’s a beautiful release that makes the song completely worth it, as if you needed something more.  I guess I’m just going bust out great pop tracks for the world today…nothing wrong with that in my mind.

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Indie Pop Fix with The Moments

themomentsYou all know my appreciation for great indiepop, so what better way to get this week going than to offer up a catch tune from the genre.  I’m sure I missed this track when it originally came back this summer, but why not share the wonder of The Moments with you.  They put out their Short Trip EP, and this lead single is too good to miss; it’s got an inherent hook that stems from the way the guitars bounce the groove off listeners.  Topping it all off with a soft vocal only adds to the indiepop appeal.  Hope you’ll enjoy.


Download: The Moments – Short Trip [MP3]

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