100% Share Abandon Single

Australia’s synth pop outfit 100% are set to release their debut album pretty soon here, so they’ve decided to entice us with this heavy darkwave track so we can be prepared. “Abandon” is a mixture of beats and synth washes to create this cavernous background that hangs just behind the vocals. For their part, the vocals are emphatic in their delivery, punching in a sense, though mixed in with the musical elements, they’re likely to entrance you, beckoning you into the tune like haunting sirens. Maybe it’s a little dark for your morning, but wanted to keep you in the know so you can be on the lookout for Clear Visions when it drops later this year via It Records.

Cong Josie Shares Cong! The Singer

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Friday, it’s going to be a pretty hectic schedule; there are just too many releases to keep an eye on. But, one that’s been on my radar is the new LP from Cong Josie, the alter ego of Nic from No Zu. He’s crafting this dark synth pop that feels part Las Vegas entertainer and part deep house techno orchestrator. At times, he seems to be poking fun at the listener, throwing in these little kitsch elaborations to catch your ear. Still, you can’t help but feel that he’s got his finger on the pulse here, tapping into our desire for high octane synth pop madness. Cong! drops Friday via It Records.

Time for Dreams Release Death to All Actors

There’s a slight drizzle outside the window, coating the window in a heavy dew, obscuring the dark skies out the window. It’s the perfect background for listening to the latest track from Time for Dreams new single; you’ll find this tune on the group’s forthcoming Life of the Inhabitant. When it begins, you enter carefully, tip-toeing along the subtle beats, careful to absorb it all. Amanda Roff joins up, draping these soft crystalline vocals across the minimal song structure. It’s a mesmerizing effect, one matched most likely as you watch the visual created by bio-chem art director Lichen Kelp. I will admit, the 3 minute mark was a surprise and a welcome burst, delivering a pop punch to through the track that seemingly came out of nowhere. The full LP will be out later this year via It Records.

New Track from Cong Josie

Already a fan of No Zu, it didn’t take much of an art twist to turn me onto Cong Josie, the alter-ego of bandleader Nic Oogjies; today I’m stoked to share the latest single from the project’s forthcoming LP! Dipping my feet into this one, it’s definitely the opposite of what one would expect, particularly in the pacing of the song. This one’s entirely slow-burning, dripping with heavy vocal curls and angelic uplifting backing tracks, all walking carefully in this synth-laden landscape. Still, a slow burning synth track isn’t outside the norm, but what Cong Josie does it develop the song into a bit of a stretch, tossing in little nuggets of joy just before the 2 minute mark, and again twisting about in the close staring at 3.5 minutes, almost hyperventilating with sensational pop bravado. This single is out courtesy of It Records, with a debut LP to follow this year!

Time for Dreams Drop New Conflict Dream Video

Our friends over at It Records some good jams coming your way, so we’re back this week with a spotlight on Time for Dreams, who will have a new LP coming out in early 2021 via the label. On their latest single, they have this sort of new age anti-pop feel to it; its clearly a pop song, but the beats are subdued, almost there as a place holder. But, Amanda Roff’s voice is like finding a sparkling crystal buried in the wall of a some dark cavern, just faintly sparkling and hopping around the 1:31 mark; you sort of have to dust off that crystal to reveal the inherent pop nature of the track, but do so and you’ll be supremely rewarded. Life of the Inhabitant will be out early next year!

Chris Smith Shares Second Hand Smoke Video

Chris Smith just released his brand new album Second Hand Smoke, and since records never die, we’re encouraging your attention by sharing this video that accompanies the album’s title track. In the video, you’ve got this colorful stop-motion footage, seemingly matching every stretch and stomp of the guitar. The song reeks of a swampy blues, raw and barbaric, with guitar lines snaking around your speakers as sounds of the lonely desert echo through your brain. As for the rest of the record, its as if Smith has just split his chest open with a knife and let his guts spill out before you; you’ll be greeted by an emotional album that will haunt the rest of your day. I’ve been really enjoying “Sunny” and “Animal;” you can find it now via It Records.