New Ditty from Bill Waters

If you haven’t been paying attention to what Forged Artifacts in the last few years, it’s high time you get hip to one of the great small indie labels out there. Just yesterday the label shared a song from the forthcoming Bill Waters EP; I must admit that I’m quite smitten. My ears are probably jaded but I think the first single we hear is fairly reminiscent of 60s pop music; the way the harmonies and guitar lines are wrapped around the vocals. Of course, the latter half of the track is intent upon ignoring standard tropes, so you get to hear a little sonic noodling. The Honey Hi cassette tape will drop on March 29th.

Dream Pop from Seeing Hands

seeinghandsNothing gets to me, especially on a Monday, like the sound of those twinkling guitars I associate with the dream pop genre; they border on jangling, if only in tone, but I’d sign up for that alone. This new single from Seeing Hands fits perfectly in there, and I think I’d push you to enjoy it on those qualities alone…except that’s not just it. Listen carefully to the slight tonal turn delivered during the chorus, lightly coated, it leaves you floating. The band continues to show promise as they work on a debut album, and with songs like these, it’s hard not to see it going somewhere special.