Chilled Out Vibes from Younghusband

younghusbandThe guys in Younghusband are quickly building a name for themselves at they prep for their second LP, touring with the likes of Loop, Slowdive and Jacco Gardner. Musically, they’re crafting tunes that are probably closely aligned with the newer brand of psychedelia, though listening to this track it seems like more of a pop sensibility feel to it; it’s almost a straightforward pop song written for the indie spectrum.  The title is Dissolver, and its set for an October 30th release date via ATP Records.

Show Preview: Jacco Gardner/EZTV @ Red 7 (7.4)

Panache Booking July 4th Event 2015

Date 07.04
Location Red 7
Doors 9 pm
Tickets 10$ Here

So you’ve been invited to three different barbecues and four different Fourth of July parties, and you simply can’t choose which one to go to. Solution: hit up Red 7 with me and some of your friends and rock out for ‘Mericuh Day. Here is your chance to catch not just one or two great acts, but four. Jacco Gardner is riding high off his trippy psychedelic folk release, Hypnophobia, while EZTV are sure to melt your face with their crisp and angular guitar playing. Dinner, another Captured Tracks artist, will mix things up with his trippy new age electronica, while Lonely Life will start the evening off with a little hardcore punk. Since doors are late, swing by those parties and then head on over to catch this great lineup. What is more american than celebrating your love of the jams for a low low price? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe apple pie. Maybe.


Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia

jacco-gardner---hypnophobia (1)

Rating: ★★★ · ·

If you were clued in to anything about this album based off its name, it should be the psychedelic genre that Jacco Gardner employs. Patch this together with the album artwork and just like that you can already begin to see where Gardner is leading you with this sophomore effort. What these two signifiers don’t inform you is that like a drug trip, Hypnophobia slips in and out of lucidity; there are times when the music completely engages you and others that encourage you to fall away from focusing on the tunes at hand.

The overall tone of this album is fairly one note, which is why the aforementioned phenomenon is able to occur over its course. That’s not to say that this one dimension sound—heavily mysterious/spooky 70’s synth matched with wandering guitar riffs and Gardner’s soulful yet wispy vocals—isn’t enjoyable. On the contrary, to say that any of the songs on this album aren’t good would be false, but there’s a loss of suspense in the repetitive nature of the sound here. By around the third or fourth track on the record you begin to feel that you’ve heard all there really is to hear from Hypnophobia. While that isn’t necessarily true (some of my favorite tracks come on the end of the record) the lack of variety in the twee psychedelic genre wears a little bit on your hopes.

There are definite numbers that will have your attention more than others. For me, among those are “Find Yourself,” and “Before The Dawn,” both of which are more upbeat and rambunctious numbers for Gardner. It is in this space where Gardner seems to shine the brightest: “Find Yourself” enters your headphones swiftly and with force: the tinny synth here bounces around almost violently, which pushes the song from meek to commanding. Surprisingly, Gardner’s vocals are heavily distorted on this song, but they too feel more forceful than on the other tracks of the album, and lead you to the catchy chorus that somehow ironically makes me want to lose myself in the track. “Before The Dawn” creates more of a swirling kaleidoscopic listening atmosphere, but then the electric guitar joins the mix to ground you with the vocals, akin to the feeling of walking through an optical illusion tunnel.

To me, this seems like the kind of album that you put on to comfort you in the background of studying, working, reading, etc. It’s easy to get lost in, but still occasionally pops in to pull you back to it. Perhaps you feel differently—the only way for you to find out is to have a listen for yourself to Hypnophobia.

More from Jacco Gardner

jackoJacco Gardner has been an ATH favorite, and as he prepares us to listen to his new record, Hynophobia, it seems that’s he constructing music that fits the album’s title.  The first minute of the album’s title track has this hypnotic build to it, wrapping up the listener in the aesthetic pleasure of Gardner’s work before allowing his whispering vocals to gently croon in to the track.  It’s his patience in songwriting that really has drawn me closer to listening to his music; you’ve got to have a patient ear, but in doing so, you’ll ultimately be rewarded by your repeated listens.  Look for the new LP on May 5th via Polyvinyl.

New Jacco Gardner Video

jaccoSo we’ve already been hitting you fairly steadily with more and more tracks from Jacco Gardner as he preps to release his album Hypnophobia later this year on May 5th via Polyvinyl. Today, I’ve got a new music video from the gentleman for the song “Find Yourself,” which is filled with Gardner’s psychedelic style set to trippy visuals as well as a dramatic storyline. Take a listen and get lost in the perfect Wednesday music video.




Get On Board the Jacco Gardner Train

jackoI’m pretty sure I’ve implored you get behind the music of Jacco Gardner already, but in case you haven’t jumped aboard this train, take a listen to his newest tune below.  There’s hints of psychedelia, but I like the light-hearted soulfulness that comes from his vocal display.  The guitar continues in the track, taking on a fuzzier note as a high vocal jumps from the distance for accentuation.  This should be enough info to get you excited for his new album, Hypnophobia, which is slated for a May 5th release via Polyvinyl.

Top 5 Trouble In Mind Bands at Austin Psych Fest

troubleYep…this week is the week.  We’ve got just a few days before we spend our weekend with the folks over at Austin Psych Fest.  I figured it’d be nice to do something a little different for previews this year, rather than just the traditional Top 5 Bands to See route.  So today I decided I’d bring you a highlight of all the acts at the festival that are on Trouble In Mind Records, either past or present.  I love the Chicago-based label, and while they definitely have a slew of psych bands, they’ve also got a reasonably diverse catalogue, all of which is pretty solid.  So, check out below to see the Top 5 TIM bands at the festival. We’ll see you out there. Read more