ATX Weekend Show Preview

austin_mainACL Festival is still in town, still going down. But, we’re letting B. Gray get the glory for our team with his camera work. Still, despite the attraction there, you’ll find tons of really incredible local shows you need to attend, including some great album releases by some of Austin’s best (in my opinion anyways). Here’s a quick rundown of the highlight, and we hope you consider attending at least one of these show.  Read more

ATX Spotlight: Stream the Jared Leibowich Album

jzI’ve always known that Jared Zoltar had a knack for writing incredible tunes; he’s been crafting timeless pop music with the Zoltars here in Austin for some time, but could he keep it up on his own? Um, the answer’s a definite yes! Welcome Late Bloomers is his new solo-outing under his given name, Jared Leibowich, and it’s probably going to end up in my personal year end list of great things to come out of Austin in 2015. I don’t know, I’ve been listening to this non-stop and now I feel like I’m fawning over Jared, so let’s just say it’s your turn to fawn over him. He’ll also be playing a residency at Beerland all through October, so be sure to catch one of his shows…it’s always worth your time. His new album is available now through Unblinking Ear Records.