Papercuts Share Lodger Single

I feel like Jason Quever is that person at the cool kids party, sipping his drink in the corner and taking mental notes at the chaos that surrounds him; he’s not bothered by the madness, though seemingly content to play the narrator and not the protagonist. Every time I listen to his work in Papercuts, I feel like he’s watching us, building this cinematic musical landscape of the darkened corners of our lives; though when he’s there, he extracts the beauty in those hidden moments, breathing life into our mundane world with his own brand of psychedelic pop. He’ll be releasing the new album, Past Life Regression, on April 1st via Slumberland Records.

Papercuts Announce Past Life Regression

I was hoping when Papercuts dropped Baxter’s Bliss EP late last year, Jason Quever was hinting at a brand new LP, and here we are friends; the band announce Past Life Regression, with two new tracks! Both give us a glimpse at varying sounds Jason’s toying with on the new record. “I Want My Jacket Back” definitely feels like it takes place in a more nostalgic era of San Francisco (Quever’s current homebase). Still, the song evolves, transcending into this cavernous folk pop sound suited for a day watching the fog roll on, all before the sun shines on the tune once more. Turn to “The Strange Boys” and you’ve got something a little that feels a little heavier in a sense. There’s something about the way all the sounds mix that is a bit disorienting, like your record is warped. Take that in tow with Jason’s voice, and it naturally creates this pleasantry that’s maximized when it peaks at the chorus. The new LP will be out on April 1st via Slumberland.


Papercuts Return with Try Baxter’s Bliss

I can’t tell you how long I’ve loved Jason Quever and Papercuts…probably a few years before we got this whole little site going. Sometimes Jason will lay dormant, working on perfecting other people’s tunes. But, whenever he pops up out of his musical burrow, I just get these little tingles under my skin. Today we get news that there’s a brand new digital EP on the horizon, and I’m already sitting here raving about the first single. His vocal performance alone this round was enough to get me, especially the way Quever’s voice rises in the chorus, stretching his notes, almost to Thom Yorke territory. Fortunately, he’s got this solemn pop that serves as the vessel for his striking voice, creating this otherworldly drift that seems like the perfect escape from everything troubling you. The Baxter’s Bliss EP is out on November 19th, and includes a few covers (Leonard Cohen and Galaxie 500).

Papercuts Are Back

Jason Quever has always seemed to work on his own terms. He’s recorded your favorite band, and he’s sporadically released his own work under the Papercuts moniker. As of late, he’s been hinting at new stuff, and finally it’s before us; plus, he signed with one of our favorite labels, Slumberland. The song has an interesting opening, with varying lines taking you in different directions…there’s a light-hearted bouncing line while a forlorn acoustic is strummed. It sets you up for a balancing act between two worlds, leaving the perfect opening for Quever to enter with his voice. I like to hear the intimate little details he adds to his work, and there are definitely a few hiding in here from the casual ear. So, jump right in, all the way in, and ready yourself for Parallel Universe on October 19th.

The Welcome Return of Papercuts

papercutsJason Quever is one of those artists that I personally feel needs to write more; it’s not because I don’t appreciate what he’s done, but rather that I adore it so much that I swoon every time I hear of new music he’s putting out as Papercuts.  It’s been just over three years since we’ve heard from Jason, but we can forgive that as I know he’s had his hand in producing several great albums.  Be it the way he’s written his lyrics on albums like Fading Parade or Can’t Go Back (my favorite), or the construction of the songs themselves, there’s nothing to ignore. His new record is titled Life Among the Savages; it will have a release date of May 6th via Easy Sound.  I mean, just listen to this song.

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New Track from Gold Leaves

Grant Olsen looks like he’s going to be making a name for himself this year.  He’s just signed on with our dear friends over at Hardly Art, and completed the recording of his album The Ornament with one of my favorites, Jason Q of the Papercuts.  The label plans to release the record under the name Gold Leaves on August 11th, and you’re going to love it.  There’s this warm melodic quality to it, sprawling out with a bit of melancholy and vocal that will remind you of a lot of great voices, namely that of Robin Pecknold, just more subdued.  This truly is a magnificent song, and it’s going to be a fantastic record.


Download: Gold Leaves – The Ornament [MP3]

Papercuts – Fading Parade

Rating: ★★★★½

Jason Quever always seems busy, whether producing other people’s work, or writing his own tunes.  Regardless, it seems that everything he touches somehow finds its ways to my ears, eventually leading to massive amounts of pleasure.  On Fading Parade, his fourth record as Papercuts, that’s precisely what you’re going to get, endless spends of moving music that will never tire.

Something about the guitar line opening “Do You Really Want to Know” hinted at perhaps a more light-hearted Quever to open up this album, but as soon as those densely coated vocals entered the scene, I knew deep down that this was already going to be an exceptional listening experience.  The climbing guitar in the background, those precision drumming moments, all lead you towards blissful listening.  “Do What You Will” brings in the same sentiment, especially as Jason’s voice soars during the chorus, though that breathy quality he has for the duration of the song really gets to me.  Going two for two isn’t a bad way to begin Fading Parade.

It’s when you hit the third track, “I’ll See You Later I Guess” that the newest Papercuts release really began to sink in, emotionally seeking.  This tracks a slow-burner, similar to the work of a band like The New Year, yet as always, the production coats it in that heavy bit of fog, giving it a quality that seems to speak to you from the beyond.  Yet this isn’t the only track you’ll find on here that’s going to really move you, if you’re into a headphones listening experience.  “The Messenger” is perhaps one of the best songs Quever has written to date.  Slowly the song creeps forward, suddenly offering up a bit of unsteady vocals, before returning to the quiet mood.  Beware, these songs are begging you to listen again and again.

Tracks such as the aforementioned “The Messenger” offer a slight alteration in the overall sound of your everyday Papercuts recording.  Take for instance, “Winter Daze,” which gently tip-toes along with down-trodden piano.  Sure, that effortlessly warm pop element you’ve found is definitely a staple in Quever’s repertoire, but there’s new territory being explored, structurally especially.  In the past Jason’s possibly rushed forth with the unfolding of melodies in his tracks, but instead he barely lets the melody escape on this number, which makes it all the more powerful.  It’s the same sort of technique you find on album closer “Charades,” another track that gradually relinquishes its hold on melody and ecstasy.

Long have I been a fan of Jason Quever, and the more work he produces, the more I’m amazed at his gifts as a songwriter. Fading Parade shows him in complete control of every aspect he’s worked on since his debut, Mockingbird.  It’s not like he’s really put out a single bad record, but something about the latest bit from Papercuts shows him creating art above and beyond what I would expect.  This is not a dialed-in record; this is a record of great craftsmanship, and one you should all go enjoy now.


Download: The Papercuts – Do What You Will [MP3]

New Music from The Papercuts

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to get a little sample of new work from The Papercuts, after Sub Pop announced they would be bringing Jason Quever on board for his new album.  Thankfully, Stereogum got it out before I went crazy, so we’ve got it here for you.  The record, Fading Parade, comes out on March 1st, with this single hitting stores on February 1st.  Jason’s music has really blossomed since his first album, adding more textures, blending his melodious voice, and each time, topping his previous output.  His progression continues to lead me down a path of great enjoyment, so give this tune a try.


Download: The Papercuts – Do What You Will [MP3]

New Tunes from The Papercuts

jasonJason Quever has quietly been making waves under the moniker of The Papercuts. This track comes straight off their upcoming album, You Can Have What You Want, set to come out on Gnomonsong Records on April 14th.  Just another song from one of our most-anticipated albums in 2009. 


Download: The Papercuts – Future Primitive [MP3]