Jangling Pop from Gentle Brent

You might know Brent Randall from his work as Pinecones, but he’s changing the moniker to Gentle Brent, offering up a brand new album titled Just Dandy. This song’s opening guitar will wrap around you from the get-go, just as the vocals playfully bounce their way into the number. The vocals clearly have the focus, almost giving off a dose of swing in the way they move back and forth with stretched melodies. It’s a short spurt of pop music, dripping with sugar for your ears; it’s available now via Jigsaw Records.

Indiepop from Secret Meadow

It seems that the arms of Jigsaw Records are stretching across all continents, with the influential label now reaching its hands into Indonesia to work with Secret Meadow. The project is fairly new, or so we’re told, but holds great promise. Guitar chords spin around within the confines of the song, especially during the more instrumental latter half of the track. Spiritually, it’s uplifting, as most great indiepop should be, filled with fantastic energy and just enough coated darkness to add a layer of mysteriousness. Together, they label and band have just released Same the Old Fear EP, which you can stream below.

New To You: Surfy Pop From Lures

This track came out at the beginning of this month, but chances are it’s new to you, and trust me when I say you’re going to want to spend some time with it.Lures are apparently a Seattle band that isn’t making much new music these days, but Jigsaw Records found out that they had an album they were sitting on and were the indie rock heroes of the month and decided to put it out so that we could groove along to the surfy riffs. “I’m With You” is a meandering track, with killer riffs and a laid back groove to it, but there’s something about the intimacy of vocals and the delicate mixing that has me returning again and again. Take a listen, fall in love, and then go take a listen to/buy the whole album here. Perhaps There’s No Pressure isn’t the last we’ll hear from Lures.

New Pop from Ghost Thoughts

If you missed Thee Ahs, things are going to be okay as Davina has a brand new project called Ghost Thoughts. Of course, she’s the star, though she’s opted to have a different singer on every track. The voice on this single is the most prominent piece in the mix; it’s got this pleasant quality that makes drifting off into the afternoon seem like the perfect escape. The Purple Period EP is full of delighting tracks, so head over to Jigsaw Records to pick it up now!

Perfect Dream Pop from Nearr

Rainy days and gloomy songs go hand in hand, so as I sit here in a mile downpour, I’m entranced by the new music coming from Ukraine’s Nearr. It’s the solo-project of Eduar Tokuyev, and the atmospheric wash atop the mix is enough for me, though the extra accents are perfectly fitting. There’s this dense warmth from the steady drum loops, with Eduard’s vocals carefully drifting through; you’ll also here a darkly tuned guitar carefully walking through it all, faintly. This song appears on his first proper LP, History Repeats Itself, which is being released by Jigsaw Records on Friday, January 20th.

Perfect Guitar Pop from Galants

galantsI’m a huge fan of the contrasting sounds that come from guitar pop…the blend of loudly distorted guitars draped over the soft underbelly of vocals; it’s exactly what Galants are kicking out on their newest self-titled EP. “Evergreen” blasts out immediately with the guitars moving back and forth in your speakers before they push down on the pedal to blast that happy distortion into your eardrums. The softened vocals hide in the verses, laying in wait as guitars cascade back and forth…imagine a heavier version of Teenage Fanclub. If you dig it, grab their latest EP from Jigsaw Records.

Digging on Super Paradise

superparadiseWhile the year wraps up and folks are looking to 2017, there are still a couple of hits out there waiting for you, like the new album from Super Paradise. The (now) London based act have this earnestness in their vocals that has me currently fawning over them, with their debut single offering up this blistering bit of bouncing pop. I’m tapping my toes here, trying to let myself go, and then the guitars hit a wave of distortion as the track fades out; it’s perfect. Their album, Quencebo, was just put out on CD by Jigsaw Records, which you know we support, so you should do the same.

Fresh New Scooterbabe Track

scooterbabe-by-krishna-inmula-1I’ve been a big fan of Scooterbabe since I stumbled across the group via an Athens connection. Recently, the band have begun ramping up their activity with the exciting news thattheir debut album, The Sorrow You’ve Been Toting Around, will be out on the November 4th. This new song peels away a bit of the indiepop influences to reveal a little bit of the late 90s Built to Spill and Nada Surf, which are huge moments in my personal listening experience…so of course I’m stoked on it. In a world where it seems like everyone is looking at revisionist music, this is possibly the most enchanting bit I’ve found. Pick up the record from Perfect Attendance and Jigsaw Records.

Brand New Music from Halfsour

halfsourHalfsour caught our attention when they had a release with our friends over at Jigsaw Records, and they just unleashed another couple of tunes from their forthcoming Charm School. I like how these two tracks show the two sides of the story of this band, offering one with the male front and the other featuring a female front. In that story, you get a rambunctious semi-TV Personalities feel, while the latter brings out a more pop-punk centric jam. These new jams will be featured on the new release from Disposable America and Too Far Gone Records on October 14th…this should be on your list.

French Pop from Le SuperHomard

lesuperI can always count on Jigsaw Records to provide me with something delectable, and in this case that just happens to be French act Le SuperHomard. Our first listen to their new album Maple Key is a synth soaked bit of sunny pop, dusted lightly with a nice female vocal hook that floats about. There’s energetic pulse coming from the percussive section, so that adds a fortunate layer for listeners begging for a little sugar punch. This new full length will be released on September 22nd via the label…which you should browse for added pop fandom.

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