Sat/Sun Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

austinAs I said yesterday, there’s tons of places you can find yourself this weekend for a good old fashioned music concert.  But, maybe you need a suggestion or two as to where you wanna go? Well, I’m here to point you in the right direction, based on my extremely biased opinion.  Feel free to ignore these options, or play everyone’s favorite game of Where’s Norman Wanklord? Here’s the list. Read more

Donations For Jon Pettis & Family

TheVersatileSyndicate_062-1It was a sad day in the Austin music scene on Friday and this weekend as news spread about the death of Bankrupt and the Borrowers multi-instrumentalist  Jon Pettis.  Jon and his band were well known for their rowdy live shows and their drive to make a name for themselves in and out of Austin.  If you ever experienced a Bankrupt and the Borrowers live show, you know that Jon always put himself into every set.  As a friend of ATH and a prominent member of the Austin music scene, we would like to offer our condolences to Jon, his family and friends, and his fellow members of Bankrupt and the Borrowers.  You will be deeply missed by all.  If you would like to help out Jon’s family and his fiancee, The Versatile Syndicate has set up a donation page to help out in their time of grieving.  Whether is be $1 or $100, I’m sure anything will help.  Plans are currently being made for a benefit show and we’ll let you know the details when we know them.  R.I.P. Jon Pettis.  Donation Page.  News of Jon’s death came out Friday via the Austinist.