Please Listen to Jonathan Franco

Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who Jonathan Franco was. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time with his new album, Swimming Alone Around the Room. Some of the tunes are these pop leaning sonic explorations, like previous single “Transition Lens,” while others have a more traditional songwriter approach, like the latest single. Still, even on the tune below, Franco stretches it beyond what we’ve come to accept as standard time, pushing the track beyond 7 minutes. It’s as good a song as anything cut from the same cloth in 2018, so when you pick up the album on Friday, you’ll get rewarded with far more than you expected in the streaming era.

Stuck on Jonathan Franco

I can’t help but to keep playing this Jonathan Franco track over and over; it’s like some seductress, drawing me in when I least expect it. Franco has a slew of references I can get behind, like Bedhead and Silver Jews…and I’m probably way far off here, but I also here a little bit of early Grandaddy in the song’s construction. Jonathan is soft-spoken, at least in this mix, and he’s crafted this magnificent wall of noise that swirls around and around, entrancing you as you listen. I promise you that you’ll come back to this number again and again, finding new secrets with each listen. You’ll find this tune on Swimming Alone Around the Room, which drops November 9th.