Meet Vertical Vice

Austin’s Vertical Vice is sure to perk up your ears, as members of the new project have played in such heavy hitters as OBN IIIs, Jonly Bonly, Bad Sports…and just about every rad rock act in town. They’re heading out on a short Midwest jaunt through Dallas, Kansas City, Tulsa…and an Austin date at Cheer Up Charlies on Sunday night. We have our first listen today to the band’s Promotion Tape, with the lead single illustrating a nod to acts like Dead Kennedy’s, but with a more artful delivery. I love Jason Smith’s vocals as he seems to casually deliver the line “do it again do it again do it again” while Orville rolls pounding drums through your speakers and the guitars stutter step to the finale. Come out to CUC on Sunday to get your hand on the tape…but if you’re not in Austin, pick up the Promotion via bandcamp right HERE.

Show Spotlight: Royal Headache @ Red 7 (TONIGHT!!!)

Royal HeadacheIt’s pretty hard to pick a show of the week when the week is just getting started, but seriously, if you miss this show you’re going to regret it for the rest of the night.  One of our favorite local acts, Jonly Bonly is opening up, followed by their friends and rock n’ roll trio Bad Sports.  I’d go to a show to see both of those bands alone, but Royal Headache is coming! They’re an Aussie act, so you never know when you’ll be able to catch them.  But, they’re also blowing in to support their new LP, High (WYR?).  It’s the perfect blend of soul and post-punk, and the energy from Shogun on stage is something you won’t wanna miss. Please please come hang out. Doors are at 8 PM.

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Show Review: Dick Diver @ The Mohawk (7/13)

The MohawkSome days you get to hit up a show, hope for huge attendance, and in the end, you’re just happy you got to be part of an intimate experience.  While I wish many more people loved Dick Diver as much as I do, I was glad I got to witness the band’s first Austin gig, and can only hope that as they travel across the States that they’re convinced to come back.

Read on for a few short words and photos by B. Gray.

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Show Preview: Dick Diver @ Mohawk (Tonight!)

dickdiverAre you a fan of great guitar pop? Fan of the ringing guitars coming from Australia? I know you are, which is all the reason you need to go to Mohawk tonight and check out Australia’s Dick Diver.  They’ve long been part of our favorite Aussie label, Chapter Music, and recently caught on with Trouble in Mind Records here in the States…so if you’re one of those folks that assigns worth to labels, then you can’t get better than that.  They’ll be touring behind the release of Melbourne, Florida, which is filled with excellent pop songs throughout, illustrating a huge step up in sound from Calendar Days. Also, they’ll be joined by Austin’s Jonly Bonly, who we’ve fawned over enough on these here pages.

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Show Pics: Twin Bitches @ The Mohawk (4/30)

We had a fun night of having fun at The Mohawk. While reports of Kaiser Chiefs’ performance at Stubb’s trickled in with some vocal issues attached, Nathan, Nicole and I were enjoying local faves Slow and Jonly Bonly with a first time look at Twin Bitches. No issues here, other than wanting a few more people to join us. It was a full tilt batch of jams featuring broken guitar strings, pedal stomps, bass face and neck strains.

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ATX Spotlight: Twin Bitches Do It Right

11174497_942951285737062_3480207812902951185_oBeen helping a friend put together a show this week over at Mohawk on Thursday night, and in doing so, I encountered a new band, Twin Bitches that’s really exciting.  Based on their two singles, the band has sort of that post-punk Constantines feeling to them, using jagged guitar chops to push forth the lyrics, which come across somewhere between a throaty growl and a gentle croon.  Musically, you can see similarities to other indie acts, but combined, it sounds like something wholly different. They’ll be playing with two of our favorite local acts, SLOW and Jonly Bonly…so come out, grab a drink, jam out and enjoy some of the finer rock n’ roll tunes in town. Doors are at 9, but you can always come hang out early.

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ATX Show Preview: The Paul Collins Beat @ Hotel Vegas (TONIGHT!!!)

paul-collins-beat-record-fair-650x800It’s Thursday, and we should rejoice that our weather here in Austin has been pretty phenomenal while others are burrowing beneath blankets of snow.  So, celebrate by heading out to Hotel Vegas tonight to catch The Paul Collins Beat.  Paul was one a member of power-poppers The Nerves, not to mention this new group The Beat (renamed due to some English band). But, I implore you to get there early as the opening acts feature some of my local (and regional) favorites.  I can’t tell you many more times how much you need to see Jonly Bonly, let alone buy their album, Put Together.  Then there’s the Ugly Beats, who consistently win fans all about town.  And, just before Paul takes the stage, you’ll be treated to The Rich Hands…they’re a San Antonio act who we’ve backed since they first walked through our doors.  This looks like one of those shows everyone will be talking about at the water cooler, so don’t miss out.

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Show Pics: We Partied @ Holy Mountain (1/5)

Lego KittehWe had a couple of excuses to throw a party. It was Free Week. Our friend Pooneh had a birthday. We had merch to sell.

The lineup was all kinds of ATH favorites; Young Girls, Slow, Jonly Bonly, Shivery Shakes and Grape St. As it turned out, Grape’s St‘s Brendan also had a birthday. Isn’t that great. Shout out to Holy Mountain‘s winter diorama.

Pinata. Confetti Eggs. Drink Specials. We were surrounded by friends. Couple comments after the break with a ton of pictures…

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Free Wee Show @ Holy Mountain (Tonight) – Grape St.

FREEWEEK2015_JAN05_HOLYMOUNTAINFree Week is here, and that means I should prepare you for the great show we’re putting on at Holy Mountain on Monday, January 5th. We’ve got Slow, Jonly Bonly, Shivery Shakes, Grape St. and also Young Girls. I’m going to toss out a little love to each band every day before the show, in hopes you’ll come join us. Also, don’t forget that our show is also a celebration bash for Pooneh Ghana, local photographer extraordinaire. Don’t forget to buy tons of records and t-shirts to make this worth it for all the bands. So, here’s a bit on Grape St. Read more

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