Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 30 – September 3)

Well, today might be the beginning of a little decline for the next few weeks, as you’re likely going to be pressing play on this just as I’m bringing Nathan Jr. Jr. into the world. But, like him, you are blessed with these incredible tunes that graced our site last week, all of which will enable you to recover from your Labor Day doldrums. Hopefully this week brings you a great many things!

Joyer Share I Was Wrong Video

I’ve been trying to hype you all to the music of Joyer, the project of the Sullivan brothers; it’s the perfect accompaniment for fans of acts like Hovvdy. But, as you’ll see in their latest single below, the band definitely like to flirt more with the noisier exploration possible in this brand of songwriting. This particular tune just feels so solitary; there’s this fragility that you can’t escape, and in the video presentation, it kind of feels like watching the reels of your own lived experiences, only cementing the song’s connection with the listener. If you feel like escaping into someone else’s world, I think you’ll find solace in the welcoming sounds of Joyer; look for their Perfect Gray LP on September 24th via Julia’s War.

Last Week’s Jams, Today!

Ray and I go back to work full-time, kids and all, so let’s start off our first real week of work with last week’s sweet sweet jams. It’s just an easy way to ease into your Monday with a look back at what you might have missed had you not been glued to our site! We’re all over the place with new stuff from Suuns and the Shivas, plus some Austin love as always by including the latest from TC Superstar, Nolan Potter, Brother Sports and a tune off the new Alexalone LP…so browse, enjoy, tell your friends. Or don’t. Who needs that pressure on Monday?

Joyer Share Cranky Boy Video

Perhaps you’ve been listening to a lot of Hovvdy the last few years. Maybe you even like the old Jade Tree catalog. Lucky for you, there’s this new tune from Joyer, which to me reminds me a lot of a mix between the two. It’s got that sort of Owls vocal to it, which is where I pulled the JT reference, but it very much feels like that slowcore emo, the sort where emotion is pulled from stretching notes of the guitar around slow-fashioned drum work. That pacing allows for the band’s cinematic nature to come to light, which is perhaps due to the fact that the Sullivan brothers both studied film in school; it’s one of the key influences on their album, Perfect Gray, which is out September 24th via Julia’s War.