Have Another Beauty From Twain

Though Matthew Davidson has only been an Austinite for a short while, we have already welcomed him with open arms and view him as one of the absolute best songwriters in town. Under his recording moniker Twain, we’ve already been treated to a few new singles this year with his new album Noon coming next month via our friends at Keeled Scales. If you weren’t paying attention or weren’t on board with Twain’s tunes yet, this beautiful and intimate number “Walking II” is sure to turn you into a fan. You will find yourself moved and drawn to the emotional pull of this haunting song.

Pre-orders for Noon, out October 21st, are live now.

Why Bonnie Shares Nowhere, LA

It takes nearly a minute for the rest of the band to catch up to Blair Howerton on Why Bonnie‘s newest single, which is fitting, as the song takes on a bit of a personal narrative about Blair being stuck in the middle of nowhere with an ex in Louisiana. But, while I love Blair’s voice, the song’s emotional appeal definitely gets upped when the drums hit and the song erupts, albeit subtilely. It’s one of the reasons the band’s forthcoming 90s in November feels so intimate; Howerton delivers this incredibly personal details in her storytelling, while the band builds the depth behind her; this song illustrates that point, with a perfect moment of punctuation in the chorus. We’ve always rated the band highly, and we’re looking forward to seeing how you all enjoy the LP; it drops on August 19th via Keeled Scales.

Twain Announces Noon

When Twain released “King of Fools” this past Winter, our contacts at Keeled Scales assured us there was a new LP on the horizon…and today we get to hear another single with news that the release is official! There’s something special brewing in these songs offering that sort of intimacy that permeates the soul. Still, there’s such depth and texture to what Mat Davidson is doing that you can’t help but to imagine this as the perfect soundtrack to any documentary on Americana. Really looking forward to hearing the entirety of this listen come the October release date, just in time for fireside listens. Noon is out 10.7 via Keeled Scales.

Alex Dupree Shares The Seer

I’m really enjoying the storytelling aspect of Alex Dupree‘s new album, Thieves, and he continues that with the narrative he’s delivering on “The Seer.” According to Dupree, this track is a loose homage to Annie Jackson, a famed Texas seer “who could see the future but couldn’t really take advantage of what she saw.” It’s all set to the music of a strum that feels like a slow chugging steam engine rolling steadily down the lines, with a harmonica for a horn to break into the song and deliver some variation to the sonic texture. If you’re into storytelling, I have a feeling you’re going to love Thieves; it drops on July 15th via Keeled Scales.

Why Bonnie Announce 90 in November

After a nice bit of success with their Voice Box EP, and a move to New York, Why Bonnie are ready to announce their debut, 90 in November. And, despite a move up North, they’re still keeping it Austin, working with our own Keeled Scales to keep the Texas ties intact. That return seems to tie in with the theme for their debut, as the press releases describes the album as “a road trip through Texas,” which is perhaps informed by the reflective nature facing songwriter Blair after a major life change such as her move to NYC. The song keeps the band’s playful guitar pop throughout, giving a little bit of punch in the latter half to really kick the song into gear. Looks to me like the band are offering up good vibes and good memories; we’re stoked to hear the rest of 90 in November; it drops on August 19th.

Alex Dupree Announces Thieves LP

Alex Dupree has some roots down in Texas; Austin to be precise; you can definitely feel the history of the state bleeding through his new single, even if he’s found himself relocated to California. There’s great storytelling, which reminds me of sitting around listening to Merle or Townes with my father, or maybe sitting with my own kids doing the same. For me, while I love Alex’s performance, I’m really drawn to the arrangements on this tune; they take the intimacy to the next level, tugging those heartstrings and giving the song longevity that will keep you coming back to it for years to come. Thieves will drop July 15th via our friends at Keeled Scales.

SXSW Interviews: Good Looks

SXSW is under way, with music pretty much in full swing now. But, we’ve got last interview to drop in your laps from our friends in Good Looks. We’ve covered several of the group’s singles from their forthcoming LP, Bummer Year, but here’s a closer look at the group, with a jam linked with our approval. Check out their SXSW dates after the interview!

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Good Looks Drop Bummer Year

Austin’s Good Looks will be releasing their debut album Bummer Year on April 8th, which surprisingly is only a month away. And today, the band shares the record’s title track, bringing out the best in Tyler Jordan’s songwriting. When it opens, I love the space the song takes, like a dark Texas night, with guitar lines sparkling like distant lights against the skyline. But, that leaves so much space in the lyrical delivery, and Jordan blows it out of the water, like old school folk troubadour; his voice sounds lonesome, like you’d expect from the song/album’s title, but it’s a fascinating performance nonetheless. Bummer Year drops via Keeled Scales.

Twain Shares King of Fools Single

New Austinite Matthew Davidson, aka Twain, has a new track out there, and with it, we can only hope that it signals a new LP on the horizon. There’s something special about Davidson’s songwriting, something that feels naturally cinematic in nature. Through the verses on this song, there’s something both wistful and spritely, setting up the vocal meandering of the chorus, where Matthew clearly flexes his voice for the audience. Honestly, his range is all over this track, stretching to his unexpected notes here, settling into angelic moments there, all letting us rejoice in his craft. This single is out now via Keeled Scales, so let’s hope we get something more real real soon!

Good Looks Share Vision Boards Video

Our friends in Good Looks have their debut LP dropping this April via Keeled Scales, and I’m definitely in love with their latest tune, in which singer Tyler Jordan tackles the concept of “structural limitations that make it hard to succeed in the music business.” I love the burn of the guitars on this tune, like kindling at first, sparking then launching this full fledged fire that lights up your speakers as it rocks on. Of course, Tyler’s voice is steadying things, calmly pushing the tune forward; his work near the 3 minute mark is one of my favorite moments in the song, so be sure you stick all the way to the end. Be on the lookout as the band are currently doing a quick run through the Midwest! Grab Bummer Year on April 8th.

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