RE Seraphin Shares Stuck in Reno Video

RE Seraphin just recently released the Swingshift EP, but the world doesn’t stop once you drop a release; you’ve got to tour and promote and tweet and all that jazz. So, today, we’ve got a new video for the single “Stuck in Reno,” bringing in a mixture of jangle and twang…surely a nod to Seraphin’s time spent down in Texas (right?!). This song has a nice little backing vocal track that really raises the bar on the melody, giving a soothing charm to the groove. If you’re into what you hear, its available in 12″ and Cassette formats via Mt. St. Mtn./Dandy Boy/Tear Jerk/Safe Suburban Home. Also, be sure to catch the band running up the West Coast in mid-July with Tony Jay!

Sad Eyed Beatniks Share Hysterical Rooters

Kevin Linn’s Sad Eyed Beatniks project will be dropping the new album, Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver, next Friday, but there’s one more beautiful sample to grab your ears before the release date hits. This really feels like one of those perfect tunes written in a bedroom that surely drove the neighbors crazy; it’s got this intimacy and sharpness in the vocals, though the volume of the mix almost makes it feel like its a full-on rock n’ roll hit. There’s just something that swells in this song, as the jangling riffs and heavy beats come crashing billowing through your speaker; it’s like a lo-fi tape recording disguised as noise rock, and I absolutely love it! The new album is out January 28th via Meritorio Records.