More from the New Air Waves LP

Warrior, the new album from Nicole Schneit’s Air Waves project comes at you next Friday, but before we get there, let’s have one final single, shall we? The album’s title track is not only a powerful step in the thematic elements of the record, but it’s also a testament to the driving infectiousness that pervades the LP. A propulsive guitar line pushes you through the entirety of the tune, vocals delivered in an almost chant/protest fashion. It will also carry a bit of weight that her friend Kevin Morby joins her for some backing vocals on this number; look for the LP April 6th via Western Vinyl.

Morby and Waxahatchee Cover Molina

It’s pretty easy to love both Kevin Morby and Waxahatchee, but even more so when they join forces for a good cause. And even better, they’re covering songs from Jason Molina, such as the tracks below from Magnolia Electric Co. and What Comes After the Blues. All the proceeds from the release will go to MusicCares…an organization that aims to safeguard and aid all music people in the matters of health. Seems a pretty vital thing if you ask me, and some great tunes too!

Show Preview: Kevin Morby @ The Mohawk (9/16)

It’s kind of always a challenge these days to figure out what you’re going to do with your Saturday nights in Austin. Normally my issue is figuring out which show I want to hit up, as there’s always more than one great option. This Saturday, you need to be sure to catch a non-local, but still rad, Kevin Morby and company at The Mohawk. K. Morby has been wowing us for years, but on his latest release, City Music, he really knocked it out of the park. The perfect balance of blues and rock, the gentleman is sure to put on a great night of hazy jams that’ll have you swaying through the weekend. Get there early to check out Pitchfork approved, and fellow Woodsist artist,Shannon Lay,and her balancing act of quiet/loud folk gems.

There are still tickets available for real cheap–get yours here and make a great decision for your Saturday in Austin.

Oh and when you’re done getting groovy with Kevin Morby at The Mohawk, make sure you keep the party rolling and pop over to Cheer Up’s to catch ATH bands Shivery Shakes AND Big Bill as well as the other great bands on that lineup. There’s no excuses people– you really CAN have it all.


A Day Late To The Party: Hear A New Track From Kevin Morby

This track came out yesterday as a part of the ‘Our First 100 Days,’ which did a solid job at getting a ton of great artists to record songs for charity. Yesterday’s track came from ATH fave Kevin Morby and it was too good to pass up without sharing it with the internets. The song is called “Bag of Rats” and it’s classic Kevin Morby with the bluesy rock undertones and Morby’s songwriting at the forefront of the tune, the punchline of the chorus his declaration that he’s “a bag of rats,” which frankly, feels a bit relatable. Take a listen below.

You should throw some money over here to good causes and own all these tracks as part of a limited release. I mean, how else are we going to make it past 100 days?

Kevin Morby Announces City Music

It sounds as if Kevin Morby is venturing into territory resigned for poets, and with this new single, it sounds like he’s doing so with great success. The musical accompaniment to his lyrics/voice is pretty minimal…using trickling little notes and really light percussive taps. Sure, there’s a really slight pick up near the song’s end, but this track serves notice that great tracks don’t always need expansive music to accompany them, and perhaps the quietest tracks are the loudest. Morby will be dropping his latest, City Music, on June 16th via Dead Oceans, surely furthering our infatuation with his craft.

Brand New Single from Kevin Morby

kevinKevin Morby‘s made quite a name for himself since he departed Woods, and with that, he just keeps offering up great tune after great tune, like this brand new one, “Beautiful Stranger.” But, not only is he out to bring a new song, he’s also got an important cause, with all proceeds from this tune going to Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocacy group fighting for safer communities and an end to gun violence. Aside from the message, the song maintains your attention for over 6 minutes, which isn’t an easy task for folks these days. Plus, an added bonus is the B-Side to the single is a cover of Townes Van Zandt‘s “No Place to Fall.” Good idea, even better songs.

Cyrus Gengras Shares Soft Toned Garage Tune

unnamed-56You may know Cyrus Gengras from his touring support for artists like Jessica Pratt or Kevin Morby, but perhaps you’ve never heard of his solo efforts. Recently, Gengras decided to set out on his own and record some tracks that show off his garage inspired songwriting skills. The result, as you can sample below with the track, “Other Side,” is a blast of americana-rock that rides on the mellow mood that it dwells in. However, this track is more than just a mellow groove– as the vocals of Gengras have this infectious quality to them that keep you engrossed in the tune. Take a listen and if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to pre-order the cassette release he’s got coming for you on Death Records.


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Show Preview: Kevin Morby @ The Sidewinder (6.29)

kmorbzTomorrow night is the show opportunity of the week– aka a chance for you to celebrate getting through the majority of the work week with rad tunes at a ridiculously low price. If you have any sense at all, you’ll get yourself to the Sidewinder early to catch the killer double bill of Big Thief and Kevin Morby. You’ll wanna get there fairly soon after the doors open at 6:30 to catch Brooklyn’s folk rockers, Big Thief, as the vocals of Adrienne Lenker are a sound to behold. But the best part is that you get to catch Kevin Morby, of Woods and The Babies, touring in support of his excellent recent release,Singing Saw, which was all parts bluesy-folk and excellence. Oh, and did I mention that tickets are only 10 dollars? Go buy one and get yourself to the Sidewinder on Wednesday night!


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