More From Bird of Youth

unnamed (4)Nate dog shared with you guys a new song from Brooklyn based Bird of Youth and I’ve got another irresistible track from the band for you today. This new song entitled “Bitter Filth” is yet another tune from the band that is sure to up your energy levels and make even the lamest person want to rock. Seriously, I don’t see how anyone could deny the infectious sound of this track. Go ahead, deny it. I dare you.

New album, Get Off, will drop on May 20th via Kiam Records.

Power Pop from Bird of Youth

birdsofyouthYou’ve got to know that when Nada Surf gives you their seal of approval to take you on tour, I’m going to take notice, and luck I did. Bird of Youth have a little more bounce than your average power-pop act, but that just makes their level of infectiousness all the more appealing. The vocals have this great pristine quality, though you can also feel a sense of longing in their delivery. This is one of the most delightful tracks I’ve come across in weeks; I want to play it again and again. They just announced Get Off, which will be released on May 20th via Kiam Records.

Jennifer O’ Connor’s New Album is Near

joI’ve always had a soft spot for Jennifer O’ Connor since her early days on Matador. Her later work has been quite remarkable, and I implore you to give this new single a listen. While there’s a lot going on musically, be it the softened beat or the churning guitars, O’ Connor almost seems naked in front of us. Her vocal performance is one of the stronger ones I’ve heard this year, but it’s presence in the mix almost makes everything else fade away. Her new album, Surface Noise, comes out on March 4th via Kiam Records, and this track is one of its many offerings that should illustrate why you should be paying attention to her work.

New Amy Bezunartea Tune

Amy Bezunartea

Amy Bezunartea

Brian and I had the pleasure of catching Amy Bezunartea at her opening spot for Stephin Merritt earlier this year. It was here that I first heard the song that she’s now sharing as the latest single for her brand new album, New Villain. This new tune deals with the struggles a woman/girl must face in the world, especially when it comes to expectations placed upon them by the world. I really appreciate the word play too in her songwriting.  I’m definitely looking forward to her new release, which is slated for September 25th release via Kiam Records.

Amy Bezunartea Announces New Album

Amy Bezunartea

Amy Bezunartea

It wasn’t too long ago that Amy Bezunartea was impressing the ATH crew with her vocal performance as the opening act for Stephin Merritt. That alone, makes her worthy of a mention on any day, but we are also happy to share that she’s just announced a brand new album, New Villain. Like Merritt, Amy has a way with word play, with the music almost coming in secondary, though that’s not to diminish the work on this song.  There’s some careful little touches, from distorted chords to deep piano touches, leaving us with some great production work.  You’ll be able to grab the new album on September 25th via Kiam Records.

New Girl Pop from Jennifer O’Connor

Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t give love to female stand-alone artists.  I’ve been following Jennifer O’Connor for some time, and I always appreciate her simplistic approach to crafting listenable gems.  She’s got a brand new album available titled I Want What You Want, which will hit stores on November 8th via her own Kiam Records.  Her first single from the record is exactly what you’d expect her to do, writing a song tipped with a personal story.  You’ll find that it’s mostly just a stripped down guitar and a bit of percussive accompaniment, all geared towards winning you over with a sing along track.


Download: Jennifer O’ Connor – Running Start [MP3]

New Music from Amy Bezunartea

Gentle folk music seems appropriate considering its rained in our town for at least 24 straigh hours.  Luckily, I was fortunate to find the great new album from Amy Bezunartea in my inbox today, which is titled Restaurants and Bars.  It will be released by Kiam Records on November 2nd, and if this single is any indication it will be full of soft melodies, delicate strumming and Merritt-esque poetry.  If you ask me, that sounds like a great record to get to know.  Give it a listen.

Download: Amy Bezunartea – Doubles