New Track from Kids on a Crime Spree

I haven’t heard too much from Kids On a Crime Spree since 2013, though rumors began to surface that the group was working on a split 10″ for Emotional Responsewith Terry Malts. Today, I’m stoked to share this new tune with you, one of the ones that will feature on their side of the 10″. It’s got this driving fuzzy vibe to it, at least on the surface. But, beneath, there’s almost like an 80s power pop style, merging perfectly with those distorted riffs. You’ve got to rush to grab this, as it’s guaranteed to go fast. There’s a link on the song that will allow you to join the ER Mailing list, giving you an exclusive chance to grab it on September 11th.

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New Terry Malts Jam

Didn’t want to hit you over the head with too much great coverage on Emotional Response, so I figured I’d save this new Terry Malts hit for your Monday. The band are working on a split with Kids on a Crime Spree, and you know we’ll love it. I love the band pulling back on the distortion/fuzz just enough this go round to allow for their pop sensibility shine through…maybe now everyone will recognize them as one of the great pop bands around. While you wait for the new split release, you can also jam the rest of the labels hits over HERE.

New Track from Kids on a Crime Spree

There’s a really long back-story that goes into the foundation of Kids on a Crime Spree, starting somewhere back in Stockholm with Mario Hernandez then eventually leading him all the way back to California where he grabbed his old friends from From Bubblegum to Sky, and captured a set of tracks that’s sure to win over loads of fans around the Internet.  The band is set to release their EP, We Love You So Bad, on Slumberland Records on May 31st.  While it does partly fit in the vein of that labels standards, there’s a hint of something different, leading you to uncover the grand history of American music, one that began back in the Brill Building.  Gives this song a try, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the release just as much as we are.


Download: Kids On A Crime Spree – Sweet Tooth [MP3]