Your Heart Breaks Share Single ft. John K Samson and Christine Fellows

You know you are hitting all the right notes when you can get John K Samson and Christine Fellows to lend you their voice; such is the case of the latest single from the forthcoming Your Heart Breaks LP. I love the concept of the whole album, which culls influences and stories from Clyde Peteresen’s life, with some friends from around the world showing up to lend a hand in leaving their secrets on The Wrack Line. Something in this tune feels really special, and perhaps even a little old school in terms of the storytelling and the whole approach to the song’s execution; it feels nostalgic, but almost in a fashion that simultaneously is refreshing, as its free of a lot of the modern trappings. The Wrack Line is out via Kill Rock Stars on July 7th.

Jad Fair and Samuel Locke Ward Prep Happy Hearts

Every time I feel a bit detached from the Austin music scene and the hype, I realize that somewhere out there, Jad Fair (of Half Japanese) is working on something brilliantly charming, just penning song after song because there’s no point after that. This go round, he’s continuing his prolific last few years with a new project with Iowan Samuel Locke Ward. Personally, this is the sort of rock I gravitate towards, and sort of always have. Songwriting is perfect, simple and just the right moments for melody, though the song seems to capture little imperfections, or so it seems, giving off just the slightest sense of being an oddball in a pop world. I’ll always root for stuff like this, which is why I’m looking forward to hearing the whole of the duo’s Happy Hearts LP, out February 10th via Kill Rock Stars.

Shutups Share Endless Heaven

Before we dismiss you for the day, I would be remiss to not send you on your way with this new song called “Endless Heaven” from Oakland based group Shutups. I’m a huge fan of the way the song lulls you into this mellow, sort of indie rock groove and then explodes into this banging, heavy guitar rock number about 1.5 minutes in. When looking for a song to progress slowly, rise heavily, and then fall again into a fade out, this is the song for you. Absolutely stellar production on this one as well.

Shutups will release this track on new album Can’t Eat Nearly as Much as I want to Vomit which is due out on October 21st via Kill Rock Stars (pre-order now).

SXSW Interviews: MAITA

I hope you people are enjoying our SXSW interview pieces as things really start to heat up with show announcements and schedules coming out at a rapid pace. It’s crazy that we are seeing what might just be a somewhat “normal” festival this year. I don’t know about you, but I am so very ready to get back out there and discover new music. Today I am carrying on with out interviews, this time from Portland based outfit MAITA. Hit the jump for the full interview with some tunes.

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SXSW Interviews: Teke::Teke

Well this week marks the official 3 week countdown to the fun times we all love during SXSW. Hard to believe that things might be “normal” again this year, but it seems like we may be headed towards live shows and events once again! How exciting for everyone in the music community. Once again, we are trying to prepare you as best we can for the week of music with interviews and previews from tons of band playing the festival. Today I am pleased to share with you my latest interview from Montreal based outfit TEKE::TEKE. Hit the jump for full interview, news and music.

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SXSW Interviews: Logan Lynn

Stop me if I’ve already said this before, but SXSW is just around the corner and it’s time for you to start preparing like we used to back in 2019. We will of course be doing our best to aid in your preparations with our yearly coverage, recommendations, interviews, etc. Today I am pleased to continue or ongoing coverage with an interview from Portland based artist Logan Lynn. Hit the jump for full interview and some new tunes.

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Tele Novella Share Paper Crown Video

As anticipation builds for the release of Merlynn Belle, Tele Novella share one final video/single to entice your ears before it drops. And no offense to Jason here, but this track is completely Natalie’s show; her vocals are right in the front of the mix, showing off this insane range. Steady pop notes rise to meet quivering high notes, then dropping right into the max in this incredible playful manner; there’s also an emphatic punch that’s set up in the chorus, riding along the gallop of the drums. While I’ve always enjoyed the work of the band, this whole LP is starting to really really special. Kill Rock Stars will drop it for us all on February 5th.

Tele Novella Share Never Video

You ever turn on a song, and it just brings back memories, things you’d long forgotten? Well, I turned on this great new Tele Novella tune, and here I am flooded with nostalgia…and in a way, its not even my nostalgia. It feels like its from an unknown moment of timelessness, somewhere, me sitting in some breakfast nook with a cup of coffee and music playing in the background. It’s some beautiful ballad, and I reimagine my father or mother doing the same thing, only twenty years prior. It’s a weird feeling, but there’s something about a band and a song that can move you in that manner, transport you to a time you might not even know existed…but in doing so, there’s comfort, solace…and for me, that was this gem of a tune. It’ll appear on the group’s new LP, Merlynn Belle, out via Kill Rock Stars on February 5th.

Tele Novella Share Words That Stay

It may have taken six year for the follow-up to Trouble in Paradise, but it seems that was well worth the wait for us all, as Tele Novella appear to be at the top of their powers. Honestly, it almost feels like a different band, and Natalie, who has always had an incredible voice, only seems to have upped the ante on her singing prowess; she’s got such control over her pitch and tone that she seems to rise and fall at her every whim. Plus, the band’s artistry extends beyond the confines of recorded sound, with an incredible video being paired with the tune too. I’ve run out of mundane adjectives here, but I can truly say that this feels like something very huge; Merlynne Belle will be out February of next year courtesy of Kill Rock Stars.

Tele Novella Release Technicolor Town

It’s been almost five years since we’ve heard from Tele Novella, but today we get to listen to their first bit of new music since House of Souls. I love the forlorn weariness of Natalie’s voice that comes through here immediately, perhaps influenced by their new home in “lost in time” Lockhart; it has this timelessness, which might be the best descriptor for this group. But, as always, they layer in little doses of sublime pop, like the faint bubbling up just near the 1:10 (or 2:47) mark of this tune. This tune will appear on the group’s new album Merlynn Belle, which will come out via Kill Rock Stars.

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