The Week in Music April 26-30

Yo. We forgot last week. Sorry. Please forgive us. Here’s a great way to start off your Monday with a playlist of last week’s hits. We added a few from some of the records we were jamming like Mope City and Phantom Handshakes…not to mention a hit from the great album ATH Records just dropped from Space Tan! Just a nice easy hour of listening to get you in through the morning Monday blues. So yeah, no need for more…just jam to some hits.

Kings of Convenience Return with Peace or Love

I’m not going to lie; I haven’t thought about Kings of Convenience in some time; they’ve not released new music in almost 12 years…though I’ll cop to checking in on Erlend from time to time. They return today with a new single and an announcement of Peace or Love, their brand new album, and honestly, not much seems to have changed between Eirik and Erlend. They’re still using incredible acoustic guitar play to mold these wonderful melodies, then intertwining their voices majestically, all of it aided by some feathery string arrangements to build in some texture. Honestly, this gives me the feels and takes me back to the early 00s, and I don’t mind that one bit. Their new LP is out June 18th.

Warbling Folk Pop from Lisa Mitchell

lisa-mitchellThere’s been a lot of buzz overseas about Lisa Mitchell, but I hadn’t really given her work too much attention until I came across this playful bit of pop songwriting.  The opening moments of the track recall the early days of Kings of Convenience, with a slight hint of buzz coming from the recorded guitar before Mitchell’s marvelous voice makes its entrance. There’s a quality to her voice that would put her on par with many American contemporaries, though her straight-forward approach makes for music that’s far more enchanting.  Give the young lady a listen.


Download: Lisa Mitchell – Wah Ha [MP3]

New Tunes from Kings of Convenience

kings_of_convenience_bTime is nearing for the arrival of the soft-spoken Kings of Convenience album Declaration of Dependence.  Said album comes ashore on October 20th, though you can get the latest single “Mrs. Cold” if you search around the world.  The song we have here for you is off the “Mrs. Cold” single, and also appears on the band’s upcoming record.  We’re excited for this, as you should be too!


Download: Kings of Convenience – Freedom and It’s Owner [MP3]