Love, Burns Announces It Should Have Been Tomorrow

It seems only fitting that we begin covering music in the new year by covering our first release of 2022; It Should Have Been Tomorrow by Love, Burns. The band is the solo project of Phil Sutton, who plays in Pale Lights (among other acts like Cinema Red and Blue and Comet Gain!), but the album features help from Kyle Forester, Hampus Ohland-Frolund, and Gary Olson…so it’s kind of a big deal! We’re releasing it in conjunction with Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, Calico Cat Records and Jigsaw…all great labels run by admirable persons, so we’re fortunate to be part of this release (we’ll be handling the cassette version)! But, we can’t really convince you to pick it up without a little taste now can we? Here’s a few tunes from the album, which will be out on February 4th; buy it from us HERE.

Plus, Phil recently recorded a wonderful cover of the Wake’s “Crush the Flowers” with Suzanne Nienaber for Soleado, a Tribute to Siesta Records, organized by Fadeawayradiate. You can hear that below:

Phil photo courtesy of Dominick Mastrangelo Photography.

New Indiepop from Die Zartlichkeit

Sometimes a certain sound ends up being purely emotional, and it supersedes language barriers, which is precisely the case with this new Die Zartlichkeit single. While I’m not as up on my German as I’d like, the tonal quality of the track is absolutely sublime, calm and comfort, tying into my proposal that emotion is sometimes all you need. In a way, it reminds me of Finnish outfit Cats on Fire, playing unassuming jangle pop that seems like an indiepop lounge act. You can tap your toes, you can enjoy the black/white video, or can just let the smooth sound wash over you…but either way, grab the new 7″ from KUS!

Another Tune from Bart and Friends

When we gave you a heads up about the forthcoming mini-Lp from Bart and Friends, we warned you that Bart Cummings had amassed a who’s who of indiepop to work with him on the new record…and today we’ve got a track starring Pam Berry of Black Tambourine! This run is a fairly sedate affair, like a swinging back and forth with your partner on some late dancefloor as the lights begin to fade with you into the night. Heavy guitar works in contrast with Berry’s crystalline performance, giving off this wistful note. The song’s brief, but the 1:26 mark leaves you with the delightful crest where the jangling notes meet Pam meet Gary Olson’s trumpet for a final pop triumph! Order the Tolmie Wild Thymes from KUS now!

Bart and Friends Share It’s Not Your Fault

Bart and Friends have a forthcoming mini-album all set for release via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, and today we’re more than excited to offer you a sneak peak at one of the standout tunes on the record. Bart’s really gathered some indiepop heavy-hitters, bringing in the likes of Mark Monnone, Pam Berry, Gary Olson and more to the fold for the recording of this record, so the sounds are basically the core of every indiepop sound you’ve ever loved. Lightly jangling guitars ring circles around your ears, with that heavier guitar line working in perfect contrast. And as much as I hate to say it, the vocals are perfect; they’re crisp and velvety, involving some melodic backing vocals just faintly behind the mix, leaving listeners with the perfect swoon. Plus, at just over 2 minutes, it’s the perfect pop nugget to consumer bright and early and smile the rest of your day. Pre-orders for Tolmie Wild Thymes are available from KUS now!

New Music from Lydia Daher & Ubertrager

The last few years have shown us that one of the great indie powerhouses in the world is Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; the label has released great hits, most recently with the Love, Burns single I’ve raved about on these very pages. Today, in my hopes to anger all Anglophiles, I bring you the label’s latest, Lydia Daher & Ubertrager. Lydia is a well-known lyricist/artist, so she’s joined up with Ubertrager to complete a mini album titled Penetrante Realitat. Aside from the imagery on this tune, the musical element is pretty captivating throughout this title track; its subtle and relaxed, combining little elements of European indiepop with atmospherics flourishes that build this elegant texture. The full release makes its way into your hands this Friday!

Love, Burns Share Their New 7″

We fell for the charms of Phil Sutton’s solo outing Love, Burns when he shared the splendid “Gate and the Ghost;” it’s a must have track for anyone in love with the purity of pop. Today, we get to hear the B-Side “It’s a Shame,” which features Hewson Chen of Lake Ruth on lead guitar. I like the slight adjustment in the approach, perhaps offering a glimpse at the various influences Sutton toys with in his songwriting. In part, there’s a definite paisley pop feel operating with some steady electronic organ, but as the tune progresses you can hear a sort of Spaghetti Western guitar coursing through, adding in this ominous touch that may (or may not) allude to the track’s theme. It’s like we’re all waiting for our pop hero to climb the mountain of indie rock with the setting sun behind him, casting this glorious shadow that is Love, Burns. If you’re inclined, the 7″ is immediately available from KUS in Germany, but there will be some stateside copies ready within the next month. Plus, a full LP is on the way for next Spring.


Love Burns Shares Gate and the Ghost

Phil Sutton has played in some incredible bands, such as Pale Lights who we’ve covered countless times. But, his focus right now is on his solo project, Love Burns; there’s this great new 7″ he’s recorded with a bunch of heavy-hitting friends that will be released on October 23rd. When I first turned this on, I felt awed by how his voice seems to soar; it works perfectly in the song’s stark opening and still carries on when the track pushes forward with more layers. Speaking of said layers, there’s enough texture to create this thickened pop feeling, though with enough restraint to still make everything feel so airy. This is the perfect lesson in how to build a perfect pop song! The 7″ will be available on October 23rd via KUS!

Slow Pop from Eccentric BlaBla

The great thing about falling in love with a label like Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten is that you generally know that even when they take a left turn, you’re going to find something new and rewarding. Enter Eccentric BlaBla, from Augsburg. They definitely have a pop lineage, which is more than clear when you listen to this tune, but I was most attracted to the jazzier underbelly of the track. I felt like I was in some lounge sipping a martini while two magnificent voices dueled with one another, and I didn’t mind…not one bit. No word on the exact sort of release, but I have a feeling something wickedly good this way comes.

Jetstream Pony Share Trapped in Amber

Amidst the Friday bandcamp fanaticism, music world still went on, so I wanted to be sure you didn’t skip over the latest single from Jetstream Pony and their forthcoming self-titled LP. To me, this is one of those classic guitar pop tracks; the guitars ring, with just the faintest jangling dangling out in the air; the drums are sharp and steady, keeping things on track with just the right punchiness. Of course, it only succeeds if the vocals wash over us, blowing cooly through the speakers like that feather in Forest Gump. The band will release their self-titled LP on May 22nd via Shelflife and KUS, but you better hurry, as there aren’t many copies left!

Jetstream Pony Announce Debut Album

Jetstream Pony announced themselves to the world with the incredible Like You Less/Had Enough 7″; they followed that up with the excellent Self Destruct Reality EP and a few more singles. But today is the day we’ve all been anxiously awaiting, as the band announce their self-titled debut LP! A slight angular guitar opens the scene before a wall of distortion comes crashing through your speakers, carefully balanced by Beth’s cooly delivered vocals; Shaun helps add further balance with his deeper vocal notes adding in a perfect foil. While it’s easy to get swept away in the perfection of guitar pop, what I love is how much space the band leave in between; they’re savvy vets, not rushing to fill every second of the song, allowing you to just get lost in the wash of dazzling pop noise. Their self-titled record will be out later this year via Shelflife Records and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

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