Show Review: Future Islands @ Mohawk (4.23)

Upload Future Islands 20140423222153In a week filled with shows, it was perhaps one of the more anticipated sets of the week, especially with Future Islands seemingly springing to larger popularity via their performance on some late night talk show.  I was a little bummed that people didn’t quite make it out early enough to catch the openers, Knifight, but perhaps that will help keep them our little secret for just a bit longer.  

Thanks to Bryan at PPI for sharing some photos with us.

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Top 15 Austin Albums of 2013

Local Albums 2tMan. Austin had a pretty incredible year; it was a far better year than I’ve encountered recently, making my ears, mind and heart quite proud of our hometown.  While it’s obviously difficult to get in on every single band in Austin, I made a list of the albums that were most impactful throughout the year, 2013.  I purposefully left off EPs and singles, not because I didn’t enjoy those, but because this is a list of top ALBUMS!  I’m sorry to those we left off, and encourage you all to send us your music as we continue our push to be a great voice for Austin music.  Without further ado…this is how we do it.  Read more

Austin Spotlight: Other Lovers

USnotextcropIt’s always exciting when we have some new Austin rock bands sending their tunes our way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the quirky, indie pop whatnot that this city produces, but it is nice to hear a band that might actually know how to rock from time to time.  The band I’m giving my bill of rock n roll quality today is Other Lovers.  Now these guys, and lone gal, have just been picked up by local label Oscillations Records run by John from local band Knifight.  Their music, to me, sounds like a mash up of old Austin chick led band Cruiserweight if you mixed in a more quirky pop band like Great Nostalgic (are they still around?).  Check out sweet tune “New” below and let us know what ya think.

New EP “Born to Party/Born to be Old” will be out on November 26th.


Download: Other Lovers – New [MP3]

Show Pics: Knifight @ a Benefit, Daughn Gibson @ Red7

I love nights when I can see a bunch of bands, SxSW style, bouncing back and forth between venues to be able to see acts we have talked about here, but not yet seen live and still manage to check out the headliners we dig. Last Thursday was one such night. We had the Attendance Records Benefit at The Mohawk that featured ATH local favorites Knifight and a show at Red7 headlined by Daughn Gibson that included fresh locals Silk Rodeo in an opening slot.

In total, pics of four bands, a few whiskeys, plenty of friends and I get to say I did it “for the kids”. Well, half of it, anyway. Click through for random thoughts and plenty of pics…

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Knifight Bring Dark Pop to Austin

250057_10151083173809021_217134951_nKnifight is a band that I’m sure many of us have seen play on a bill or two around Austin at some point.  They seem to be fairly active in the scene and have worked hard to stand out from the massive crowd.  Our first official post on the band will be to share new song “In the Fire” which appears on the band’s new album Dark Voices that is streamable and for purchase on their bandcamp page.  I’m sure many folks in the know here in Austin have already had a listen to this track, but it’s new to us.  I’d recommend this to anyone into the Joy Division revitalization or fans or more current bands like Cold Cave.

Check out the new album on bandcamp when you get the chance.  These guys are definitely worthy of being called a band to watch in Austin.


Download: Knifight – In The Fire [MP3]

Show Preview: The Sour Notes @ Red 7 (7/21)

Date 7/21/11
Location Red 7
Doors 7pm
Tickets $9 @ Door

Our long time amigos The Sour Notes are kicking off a big summer tour soon and are starting things off right with a massive local show at Red 7 this Saturday.  The talent list in the lineup is crazy good and goes something like this: The Cymatic, Waikiki, New York City Queens, The Sour Notes (duh), Royal Forest, The Midgetmen, Knifight, Growl, Imagineiam, Jess Williamson, Little Brave, Melissa Bryan, Mrs. Howl, and Burgess Meredith.  Wow.  You guys get all that?  So yes, this is a big one with a lot of great bands that are sure to entertain.  Hell, it’s only $9 for all those bands people.  Support the locals!


Download: The Sour Notes – Two Hands Wait [MP3]


Download: The Midgetmen – Beer’s Gone [MP3]

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