Love The New Single from Say Sue Me

Where We Were Together played on my stereo for a good bit of this Spring…and luckily I was able to catch Say Sue Me in a quiet room during SXSW. Now, the Korean quartet are right back it with their brand new single for Damnably. For those that recall the jangling guitar pop, the A-side might give you a glimpse at a band forging their own ground. There’s something far more thoughtful in the presentation alone; the song expands near six minutes, with the front end of the track delivered in a casual pop manner. You can hear a slightly heavier sound in the distance of the song, but it doesn’t really kick in until just after the 3 minute mark, blasting off into some semi-Madchester zone. Look for this great song on the new 7″, out August 24th.

SXSW Interview: Say Sue Me

In just over a month, people from all over the world will be traveling into Austin to grab some tacos and share their music. I’m really excited to see Say Sue Me, as you never know how many chances you’ll get to see your favorite Korean pop group. For many of us, if not most of us, this will be our first chance to hear the tracks off their forthcoming album, Where We Were Together (4/13). If I had to curate a Top Ten for the festival, this group would be pretty high on my list, like a number 2 spot. We tossed them our little interview questions and they shot back with the answers below. You can hear their latest single, and see their dates down there too! Read more

People Are Finally Catching on to Say Sue Me

It’s taken some time for the sounds of Say Sue Me to catch on in the United States, though we’ve been fans for some time. The Korean indiepoppers employ the same charming bounce that I’m a huge fan of…and I compared them to crafting the same hook-laden gems akin to Alvvays; I dare not shy away from that comparison now, as they seem to really drive home that similarity on this number. There’s jangling guitars, steady-as-needed drumming and the right pulsing throb from the bassline…think of New Order having a whole lot more fun. Can’t say enough good things about the band, but be sure to check out all the hidden treasures in their back catalog…I suggest “Good for Some Reason.”