Love, Burns Shares Something Good

This week, we’re letting Phil from Love, Burns send us a blurb about various tracks on his forthcoming LP, It Should Have Been Tomorrow (which comes out Friday!). Today, we’ve got the closing track on the record, and a reminder the band are playing Pete’s Candy Store on February 10th, so here’s the words from Mr. Sutton:

“Gary Olson, who recorded and mixed the LP, said this was my Chris Isaak song. Its a very simple song, about not fitting in, and getting the hell out. Id say about 67% of my songs are about this subject. Comes of being raised in a small, conservative village, I think. This time the protagonist needs to be themselves, because the mad villagers dont like who he/she/they is. It could be that theyre gay, a Communist, a freak, a hippy, a beatnik, an artist, whatever. They need to go somewhere where they can belong, be appreciated, and loved. Bigots decry the notion of a safe space, but everyone needs one to flower. Kyles lead guitar is fantastic. Twang-tastic! Pretty much one take. Kenny Wachtel (Great Lakes) is playing lead guitar live, and also does a sublime job. If you come to Petes Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY February 10th, at 10pm, you can hear Something Good done Kenny-style!”

Love, Burns Announces It Should Have Been Tomorrow

It seems only fitting that we begin covering music in the new year by covering our first release of 2022; It Should Have Been Tomorrow by Love, Burns. The band is the solo project of Phil Sutton, who plays in Pale Lights (among other acts like Cinema Red and Blue and Comet Gain!), but the album features help from Kyle Forester, Hampus Ohland-Frolund, and Gary Olson…so it’s kind of a big deal! We’re releasing it in conjunction with Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, Calico Cat Records and Jigsaw…all great labels run by admirable persons, so we’re fortunate to be part of this release (we’ll be handling the cassette version)! But, we can’t really convince you to pick it up without a little taste now can we? Here’s a few tunes from the album, which will be out on February 4th; buy it from us HERE.

Plus, Phil recently recorded a wonderful cover of the Wake’s “Crush the Flowers” with Suzanne Nienaber for Soleado, a Tribute to Siesta Records, organized by Fadeawayradiate. You can hear that below:

Phil photo courtesy of Dominick Mastrangelo Photography.

Kyle Forester Shares Marigold

It’s interesting listening to Kyle Forester solo efforts, particularly when you’ve spent a great deal with his projects like Crystal Stilts or Cinema Red and Blue. Those acts had this inherent fuzziness, carefully hiding Forester’s pop sensibility. But, as with his first solo LP, his forthcoming album seems to have this laser-focus on just the craft of great songs. Here, it feels as if you’re sort of taking a walk through Kyle’s world as he ruminates on all the beautiful things he’s come across in his life; the guitar lines are patient, as his vocal delivery, allowing you to melt into the tune. There’s a clarity in this song, which indicates the promise of Hearts in Gardens, out on February 21st.

Kyle Forester Readies Solo Effort

kyleIt’s already been mentioned all over the Internet (yesterday) that Kyle Forester worked in Crystal Stilts, but I think that’s all you need to know, as nothing on his debut single sounds anything like that band, nor should it. He’s off on his own now, at least for this effort, and pop aficionados should take note. To my ears, this sounds like a stomping Nada Surf hit…Forester even takes on some of the same vocal notes as M. Caws. Still, it’s not power pop, it’s more of barn-storming, and I love it. He’ll be releasing his self-titled debut via Flying Moonlight Records on March 20th.

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