Blonde Redhead @ La Zona Rosa (12/1)

Date 12/1/10
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 8pm
Tickets $22 @ Frontgate

Indie rock vets Blonde Redhead are stopping in Austin at La Zona Rosa this Wednesday evening.  Icelandic singer/songwriter Olof Arnalds will be joining the crew on stage for an opening set.  For a middle of the week show, this should be enticing to all you music fans out there.


Download: Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There [MP3]

Contest: Black Angels @ La Zona Rosa (11/19)

It’s time again friends for another contest that some of you may or may not actually enter.  This time we’re going to make things super easy for all you lazy kids out there.  To begin with, Austin’s very own The Black Angels are playing this Friday at La Zona Rosa to celebrate the semi-recent release of their new album Phosphene Dream.  Making these passes even more enticing, the Austinites will be joined on stage by Canadian rockers Black Mountain.  So here’s the deal:

Up for grabs: ONE lucky winner will win a pass with +1 to the show on Friday. (that’s two in all for you math wizzes)

To enter: Simply leave a comment with why you should win and we’ll pick a winner at random.

Contest closes: Noon on Thursday (11/17)

Below you’ll also find recent single from The Angels “Telephone”.


Download: The Black Angels – Telephone [MP3]

Wolf Parade @ La Zona Rosa (11/15)

Date 11/15/10
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 7pm
Tickets $18 @ Frontgate

Wolf Parade have easily become one of the best indie bands around and are always reliable for a solid live show any night of the week.  While Monday may be a tough night for some of us, I’d still recommend checking the band out at La Zona Rosa tonight.  Opening for the Canadians you’ll get  Ogre You Asshole.  See everyone there?


Download: Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure [MP3]

Show Preview: Caribou @ La Zona Rosa (10/14)

Date 10/14/10
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 8pm
Tickets $18 @ Frontgate

Dan Snaith and his band known as Caribou will be stopping by La Zona Rosa in Austin for a highly anticipated show.  Joining Mr. Snaith on the stage is New York band Arp.  I would recommend starting your weekend right and making it out to this one before them tickets sell out.


Download: Caribou – Found Out [MP3]

Show Preview: Blitzen Trapper @ La Zona Rosa (10/13)

Date 10/13/10
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 8pm
Tickets $16 @ Frontgate

La Zona Rosa has a great show planned for Wednesday night in Austin.  Headliners Blitzen Trapper are of course always great live, but let’s not forget about the secondary acts sharing the stage.  So I’d suggest getting to the venue early to catch out sets by opener Pearly Gate Music and middle band Fruit Bats.  Helluva a lineup!


Download: Blitzen Trapper – Heaven and Earth [MP3]

Edward Sharpe @ La Zona Rosa (7/6)

Date Tuesday, July 6th
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 800p
Tickets SOLD OUT

Man, It seems Edward Shapre and the Magnetic Zeros are way more popular than I expected. That’s no surprise really, as their record, From Below, is really something special.  The band will be coming to Austin on Tuesday night to a sold out crowd, though you know there will be scalpers and what not offering tickets.  I mean, its definitely something worth trying to get into, and maybe he’ll play that one song from the commercial.  As a matter of fact, we’ll offer that song up to you today for your listening pleasure.


Download: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Janglin [MP3]

4/14 Julian Casablancas @ La Zona Rosa

Wednesday night was a busy one for the ATH crew in Austin, TX.  We had a few folks over at the White Rabbits/Here We Go Magic show, a couple at the Bonobo show, and a even one or two over at Adi’s indie karaoke shindig.  I however couldn’t pass up the chance to see one of the great front men of the past decade, Mr. Julian Casablancas.  Follow the jump for a quick review and more photos.

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Your Wednesday In Austin

Let’s be straight here.  Austin is the shit.  No seriously, this is the best city in the world.  You know it you not cool people who don’t live here… I say this because this post is only possible because of the great place we live in.  One night and too many options for live music.  Most cities would die to have these kind of choices in a month span.  We get em all in one night!  Here they are for tomorrow night:

From The Mind Of AdiEnglish Teeth, The Georgian Company and Followed By Static @ Mohawk ($5 cover. Doors @ 6pm)

White Rabbits & Here We Go Magic @ The Independent ($13 tickets. Doors @ 9pm)

Julian Casablancas & Funeral Party @ La Zona Rosa ($20 tickets. Doors @ 7pm)

Bonobo, Yppah, & Jesse Brede @ The Parish ($15 Tickets. Doors @ 9pm)

Where you gonna be?

Yeasayer @ La Zona Rosa (4/10 & 4/11)

Date 4/10/10 & 4/11/10
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15 for Sat or Sun

Unless you’re currently brain dead, you better be making a point to go see Yeasayer at one of their much anticipated shows this weekend.  Since I am currently gainfully employed with an early wake up time, I’ll be heading out on Saturday.  Now I know some of you people may be gettin’ all hot for that Vampire Weekend show, but let’s be straight here, Yeasayer is a killer live act you can’t pass up.  Be smart.  Opening support on both nights will be provided by buzz band Javelin.  If I haven’t sold you yet, check out their latest single “Ambling Alp” and tell me that doesn’t do it for ya.


Download: Yeasayer – Ambling Alp [MP3]

Phoenix @ La Zona Rosa (12/17)


Date 12/17/09
Location La Zona Rosa
Doors 8pm
Tickets Sold Out Suckahs

It looks like the days of us keeping Phoenix in our own little private world are over and getting tickets to one of their shows will be quite the challenge from here on out.  Congrats on the fame guys!  We of course know you’ve heard about the huge 101x sponsored show with Phoenix, White Denim and Hockey at La Zona Rosa.  You probably already know it’s sold out too.  You may have even searched craigslist only to find that tickets are scalping for close to $100!  That’s just silly.  I guess you shouldv’e seen them at ACL.  Don’t fret too much kids, I’m sure they’ll be back around sometime.


Download: Phoenix – Lasso [MP3]

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