Blondshell Shares Sepsis

Blondshell is the Los Angeles based project of Sabrina Teitelbaum who has been picking up loads of praise from most of the major music sites over the last year. Though we aren’t always the types to post on big, buzz worthy bands, this new single called “Sepsis” is just a straight up Fing gem. It starts somewhat slow, almost in a singer/songwriter fashion, but quickly builds and expands into this raw, energy filled, almost Hole inspired banger of a track. You’ll find tons of emotion and passion packed into the 3.5 minute song.

In other news, Blondshell was just added to our very own ACL Festival in October. I heard one day tickets are still available.

Another New Jam From Milly

Los Angeles based outfit Milly is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists to emerge this year. The duos upcoming album, Eternal Ring, has been hitting me with all the feels for early aughts and late 90s style post-emo music with hints of slackerdom and guitar rock. If any of those sounds and styles sound intriguing to you, might I suggest you check out the bands latest single “Ring True”. I love the way this band can pull off these sort of subtle, mellow moments and then kick it up a notch with some loud guitar.

Eternal Ring is out on September 30th via Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Grooving New Tune From Gold Star

Marlon Rabenreither is a Los Angeles based songwriter who has spent the last decade creating music under the moniker Gold Star. Though it’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Rabenreighter or posted about him on our site, his new single “Cherry Red” is a nice way to welcome him back to the ATH pages. The song is perfect for his California home as one can almost envision oneself driving down a coastal highway with the driving nature of “Gold Star” on the radio. It’s atmospheric and hazy, yet also bright and full of Americana inspiration.

This track will appear on new album Headlights U.S.A. Parts I & II due out on September 30th. Pre-orders are live now.

Stream New EP From Astrologer

Andrew Cameron Cline is an LA based musician who created his recording moniker Astrologer roughly a year ago to seek out new pop music adventures. After working on some material off and on over the last year, Cline has a new, 6 song EP entitled Ledgermain (L) coming out tomorrow via Lolipop Records. Just ahead of the release, we’re pleased to offer a little sneak peak of the EP with this exclusive stream of all 6 songs below. The EP has an overall fuzzy pop focus with inspirations from eras like 60s garage pop mixed with more modern psych influences like Fuzz or Ty Segall. It’s fun as hell.

Milly Release Nullify Single

MILLY is a Los Angeles based group who make their very own brand of slacker style, post-emo themed rock music. A lovely example of their style can be found with this brand new single called “Nullify”. It features a sort of early Smashing Pumpkins guitar sound mixed with bits of slower, emo driven bands like say American Football. However you want to label them or brand them, it’s a rocking track for your Thursday morning.

This new tune will appear MILLY’s new album entitled Eternal Ring due out September 30th on Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Massage Cover I’m Going in a Field

After dropping the excellent Still Life earlier this year, Massage turned around and announced the Lane Lines EP last month. There’s a new tune circulating, which is a cover of the classic Ivor Cutler Trio tune, “I’m Going in a Field.” They drag the original into a sort of paisley landscape, toying with jangling guitars, while still allowing the emotive quality of the tune to remain the focus. I know the band is based in LA, but this track feels like it should take place in the foggy realms of San Francisco or London, giving it this timelessness that’s sure to win new fans of the group. Look for Lane Lines via Mt. St. Mtn. on December 10th.

Psych Rocker From Red Ribbon

For those unfamiliar to the indie scene, Red Ribbon is the musical project of LA based songwriter Emma Danner. With a few releases that have flown somewhat under the radar of the last few years, I could see this new album really picking up steam if it all hits like this new single “Way”. I love the heavy, almost spaghetti western style, guitar sounds of the single paired with a sparse, yet striking drum beat. A bit of psych rock meets dark lounge music.

Red Ribbon will release this track as part of a full release entitled Planet X due out June 11th via Danger Collective (pre-order now).

Intimate Number From Runner

Noah Weinman is a musician who sometimes performs solo, but also gets together with a musical collective of friends under the moniker Runner. Weinman recently made the move from the more gloomy Eastern coast of Rhode Island to the sunnier skies way off in L.A. For me, one can almost hear this transition in Weinman’s new song “New Sublet” as things start off fairly quiet, and subdued, but slowly some brighter elements get sprinkled in with a banjo and more urgent vocals. It feels like we just drove across the country. Lovely.

Runner will release this song as a part of a a new EP entitled One of One on September 23rd.

Mamalarky Share How to Say Video

If your first introduction to LA’s Mamalarky was the riotous single “Fury” back in January, you might be surprised by their latest single, as it offers up a different view of the group…though one that’s always been part of their sound. This short number uses some of the same sharp guitar sounds ringing out, though they’re crafted in a jazzier progression, similar to what we’ve come to expect from bands like Dirty Projectors. Livvy’s vocal control is incredible, going for playful to soulful to angelic, all in the span of a few moments. The video is fun and spirited, starring Livvy herself using whatever she can for al little bit of classic air guitar work.

Progressive Folk From Crywolf

I don’t know about you, but I love music that can be hard to pin down into a certain genre or one specific sound. Take for example this new single “Your Joy is Your Sorry Unmasked” from Justin Taylor Phillips and his recording moniker Crywolf. It’s a song which starts simply with some acoustic guitar over quiet, solo vocals yet builds and builds with these beautifully layered vocals and sparse percussion. As I continue to listen over and over, I am finding interesting and mesmerizing layers to peel back with each time I hit play. Quite a stunning song.

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