New Chilled Song from Gangi

It’s always amazing to me what modern recordings processes can do for a duo; you know, things that couldn’t be done as easily in the 60s.  My newest discovery is LA duo Gangi, who’ve got a little bit of a psych bent on their tunes.  They’ll soon be releasing their second LP, Gesture Is, on October 2nd via Office of Analogue and Digital.  Not only am I stoked upon the groove coming here, but I’m really digging the way the group is looping the vocals–which is what I was referencing earlier.  If you listen carefully you can hear the faint squawk of a horn near the end of the song…another special moment. Enjoy this one.


Photo credit to Benjamin Gallardo.


Great New Pop from Saint Motel

The generous dudes over at Saint Motel sent us this track this morning, and I’m so glad they did.  Some groups just have a knack for writing a simple pop tune that is able to rise above standards and find it’s way into constant rotation in your musical life.  The LA quartet is setting up to release their debut, Voyeur, some time this year, and I expect that it’s going to fall somewhere in the vein of bands like Mystery Jets, carefully writing catchy pop numbers I won’t want to share with anyone but myself.  But, just for today, I’d like to share this one with you.


Download:Saint Motel – 1997 [MP3]

Brand New Jam from FIDLAR

I first wrote about LA’s FIDLAR back in May of last year, so I was really excited to find a new track in ye olde inbox today.  Apparently, the band’s got another 7″ planned for March 13th, and we’ve got the one of the tracks for your listening pleasure.  This jam definitely finds them treading the same water as their bretheren in bands liks Jeff the Brotherhood, but you can definitely here a bit of the Cali touch in the way the vocals come across.  If you need a track to blast on a nice sunny day, then you better get this song and turn it up loud, as that’s the only way to rock!


Download: FIDLAR – No Waves [MP3]

New Track from RACES

Frenchkiss Records has a pretty solid track record with me, especially since the label’s run by some of the bros from Les Savy Fav.  They just released a new EP yesterday from LA band RACES.  The EP is titled Big Broom EP, and I’ve really been enjoying this track here.  I don’t know why, but for some reason the vocal performance sort of gives me this Walkmen feel, but that’s also part of the overall song structure true.  Boiled down, it’s pretty much straight forward indie rock, which in and of itself is refreshing, since no one seems to be kicking it old school anymore. Give it a listen and enjoy your afternoon folks.


Download: RACES – All For You [MP3]


front-cover4-finalOne of our favorite blog reads, Aquarium Drunkard, has created a really sweet compilation disc full of some of the great indie acts out of L.A.  Not just a compilation, the album features each band’s take on a song from Paul McCartney’s 1971 solo album RAM. The album is free to download, but The Drunkard is suggesting that you say thanks by donating to his favorite charity No More Land Mines.  With a compilation full of artists like Parson Red Heads, Earlimart, and Bodies of Water, why not donate a little?


Download: The Broken West – Eat At Home [MP3]

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