The Mary Onettes Roll Out Another Hit

the-mary-onettes-Gunnar-BjörlingIt’s really been a joy watching the growth and progression of The Mary Onettes.  Their first entry into the indie mainstream was coated in a sort of wash of atmospherics, but they’ve since cleaned some things up.  But, on this new single you’ll see a nod to their past efforts, though the crystalline approach to the vocal delivery is also apparent here.  It’s the best of both worlds, indicating that the band has finally found the perfect formula.  You can grab their latest release, Portico, next Tuesday via Labrador Records.



Mary Onettes Release Mini Album

maryonettesI’ve closely followed the career of The Mary Onettes since they first debuted with Labrador, and they seem to have covered quite a bit of ground musically.  I’m happy to hear that they’re back with a new offering, the mini-album, Portico.  It’s said to be influenced by science fiction and old photography, which seems like it’s the perfect thematic place for their music.  They’ve always had a knack for constructing these incredibly atmospheric tunes, while infusing it with bits of electronic energy.  They’ll also have a few dates schedule in the States, with the middle of their schedule including some SXSW dates. Their mini-album will be released on March 4th via Labrador.

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This Slipped By: Johan Hedberg

johanI’m not sure how I skipped over this, but this beautiful track from Johan Hedberg has been floating around for about a month.  Even more confusing are the lyrics, which I don’t really understand as they’re mostly in a foreign tongue.  But, what I do know is that the emotional pull of this track supersedes all that.  While the song starts off rather slow and simple, it builds, as all great pop tracks do.  The musical release as the song erupts is so moving, that I couldn’t not post the track; I don’t want you to be without it my friends. It’s available now through Labrador.


Downlaod: Johan Hedberg – Nackamasterna [MP3]

New Wave Pop From The Mary Onettes


After their announcement of a new album back in November with single “Evil Coast”, we haven’t heard much from Swedes The Mary Onettes about said new album.  Today the band surprised us with an email containing a link to their brand new single entitled “Hit the Waves”, and it’s sure to show a marked change in sound for fans of the band’s older material.  The band describe it best themselves when they told us “Previous influences like The Cure and Joy Division have now been replaced by Sade, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel and Vangelis”.  That just about sums it up doesn’t it?  Put this one in the queue for your next new wave dance party.

New album Hit the Waves will be out on March 12th via Labrador Records.

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Great Gem from The Mary Onettes

I’ve never wavered in my adoration for The Mary Onettes, and with the upcoming Love Forever EP, it looks like I won’t have to change my position.  You’ll probably notice a slight change if you’ve been following the band, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  On this track, there’s a bit more of a studio polish to the daunting pop number, giving more clarity to the lyrical element than you might have found on previous effort Islands.  You can find this track, and three others when the EP debuts via Labrador on February 28th.  Try to hate this song; you just can’t.


Download:The Mary Onettes – Love’s Taking Strange Ways [MP3]

New Track from Pallers

If you’ve been reading our blog for some time, you probably already know that I’m a huge fan for the Labrador label.  They’ve already put out some great records this year, and it looks like we’re soon going to have another gem on our hands.  Pallers is a duo, as noted in the picture to the left, and they’ll be releasing their record, The Sea of Memories, on September 27th.  The music is filled with melodic slow paced electronic tinkering, but the wispy quality of the vocals really makes this song the charmer that it is.  You can pick this up in the single format at the end of July.


Download: Pallers – Come Rain, Come Sunshine [MP3]

New Music from Det Vackra Livet

Okay, so I have no idea what the name means, or really what any of the lyrics mean, as my Swedish is extremely limited.  But, I do know that Det Vackra Livet are the Ekstrom brothers from The Mary Onettes, and this time they’ve opted to make their pop tunes completely laden with the sound of their own country, lyrically speaking.  Musically, you’ll find those sweeping melodies, and that steady drumming that seems to strengthen all the tracks the band works on.  It’s devoid of the usual haze and atmospherics that go with their main gig, making this track all the more beautiful.  You can order it from Labrador, should you choose to fall in love with the track like I have.


Download: Det Vackra Livet – Viljan

New Music from Club 8

If you weren’t on your game, you might have missed the eclectic pop release from Club 8 titled The People’s Record. It was filled with a glimpse at a band who add various instruments to their recordings, those not typically geared towards your typical bedroom pop group.  Now that you know a bit about the band, take a listen to their new single, which comes out at the end of November on Labrador.  You have to admire the way these two are incorporating tribal and tropicalia rhythms into such a smooth blend of jubilation.


Download: Club 8 – Closer Now [MP3]

The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme

Rating: ★★★★☆

Sweden’s The Radio Dept. have had a rough go of things.  They’ve lost a few members in their history as a band, taken a hiatus and barely gotten enough press to generate mass interest.  However, with the backing of Labrador Records, the group are finally releasing their third album, Clinging to a Scheme; this will be the record that should solidify the band as a mainstay across the globe.

When you get the album, you should definitely listen to opening track “Domestic Scene,” as it does serve to affect the entire listening experience, if you intend to listen end to end (as you should!). Other than that, it’s just atmospheric noise, which has its point, but isn’t necessary on repeat listens.

After that, you can’t really skip a single track on this album. “Heaven’s on Fire,” the second single, opens the real depth of the album with a slow and steady beat, as guitars strum along.  There’s sort of a coat of noise lurking in the background here, as there is in much of the album, which might throw the group into a dream-pop genre; it washes over the song as waves would wash upon the shores.  “This Time Around” uses more of a coating of noise, like a second coat of paint, while the rest of the tune is draped in synthesized beats, but it’s the distant vocals that extract every emotion from you as you listen.

Don’t be fooled by two minutes of ambient noise on “Never Follow Suit.” There’s a gem of a song lying at the end filled with such beauty and simplicity that you can’t turn it off when the lyrics cease.  And this appears to be the beautiful part of the album, not that it all isn’t so, but the intricate picking of guitars accompanied by piano on “A Token of Gratitude” is absolutely magnificent; the additional vocals, though sparse, sound as if they’re recorded on an old answering machine, making the listening experience all the more intimate.  But just as it things go pretty, they amp it up a bit.  The one-two punch of “The Video Dept.” and “Memory Loss” show that The Radio Dept aren’t intent on just letting you sleep your afternoon away.  These two tracks offer a more uplifting experience, yet they still fit snuggly into Clinging to a Scheme as a whole.

Eventually you come to the holy grail that is “David.”  Its been playing in my player for months, and while it has a resemblance to current groups like The Big Pink, the hooks here are caught in the crosshairs between pop and soft atmospheric touches.  You won’t find many songs much more perfect than this one this year, that I can promise. All this leads us to the ending “You Stopped Making Sense.”  Here you’ll find the band at their most accessible, almost coming off like Robert Pollard in a dream state.  It ends so gloriously, and goes by so quickly that you have to go back to track 2 immediately.  That’s just one of the great things that makes listening to Clinging to a Scheme so incredible; you just can’t seem to get enough, nor would you want to because The Radio Dept. is currently on a splendid roll.


Download: The Radio Dept – David [MP3]

New Tunes from Radio Dept.

The+Radio+Dept+radiodeptSweden’s Labrador Records have a stranglehold on all things Swedish pop, and I’m grateful for it.  Just recently they released a new Radio Dept EP, which features several of the songs off the bands upcoming album Clinging to a Scheme.  Not much is really known about the record at this point, other than it should hit during the Spring.  This track, “David,” has a sort of shoegaze-synth-pop-croon to it, and everything just sort of moves along from there.  You’ll be digging this track all day long.


Download: Radio Dept – David [MP3]

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