The Golden Dregs Share New Tune

Last year I spent a decent portion raving about Lafayette, the latest LP from The Golden Dregs, and it looks like 2019 might have another album in the works from Benjamin Woods and his project. We’ve got a new secret, offering up this smoky ballad, working over trickling piano lines while a throbbing pulse works beneath the mix. Benjamin delivers one of his strongest performances, though the arrangements in this song also deserve attention. I love how he’s left a lot of negative space out there, hanging and waiting to be filled…sometimes by nice cello work, other times by tinkering ivory keys; it’s a thoughtful turn in Woods’ songwriting craft, one that indicate grand ideas will be coming our way with that new album, slated for release later this year.

New Single from The Golden Dregs

The work of Ben Woods and his project The Golden Dregs has always been high on my list of acts I wish more people would jam. Today, we’re sharing this new tune from Ben in anticipation of his forthcoming debut LP, Lafayette. There’s a lot going on in this track that you’ll find enjoyable, at least in my opinion. For one, there’s a classic Strokes-ish guitar sound that operates just behind the vocals in the mix. Then, there’s just a slight energetic discordant moment, settling the track back into the gang vocals for the chorus that are sure to charm your socks off. Lafayette is being handled by Art is Hard Records and Krautpop, releasing on Friday the 25th.

New Music from The Golden Dregs

While it’s a bit of a bummer that Art is Hard didn’t roll out their usual Singles Club this year, the good news is that their still going to be sharing their great tastes with other releases. One of the first to pop up on our radar is the debut LP from The Golden Dregs. Musically, the song feels like a runaway train; the drums and guitars have a driving feel to them that’s inescapable. When Ben’s vocals enter the picture, they’re the calming force that holds the song together, ensuring you’ve got something to sink your teeth into whilst feeling out of control. Exciting things are afoot here; look for Lafayette on May 25th.