Mo Troper Covers Jon Brion + Announces Toper Sings Brion

It’s likely that you’ve heard Jon Brion‘s work, even if perhaps you weren’t aware. It’s more likely that you’ve heard Mo Troper‘s work, particularly if you’ve hung around on our site for a minute or three. Good news, Mo Troper is covering Jon, but he’s dedicating an album’s worth of material to tracks Brion never officially released, or at least in terms of a collection of tunes, such as 2001’s Meaningless. Interestingly, Troper’s version, like his own latest opus, plays high upon the pop heartstrings; I love the way he’s polished his voice into something distinctive and sugary. There’s a mid-tune guitar noodling, tying the work of Brion and Troper together. Whether you’re listening to this as a fresh Mo Troper bit, or from the Jon Brion aficionado, you’re going to be instantly rewarded. Toper Sings Brion will be out next Friday via Lame-O Records.

Dazy Share Forced Perspective Single

After dropping the Otherbody EP this past Spring, this is the first new music we’ve heard from Dazy, though it seems to be a stand-alone single as of now. In the email blast sent out, there’s an admittance to all sounds from the 90s alternative underworld, mentioning Folk Implosion and Daman Albarn. Personally, this sort of seems like a take on what Beulah was doing; it really hits me when James Goodson hits some of those notes in the chorus, riding this sort of bouncing ball of melody that pushes it right into your ear…but hey, that’s just one old guy’s take on the cool stuff from 90s indie. Fun song for a fun day!

Mo Troper Drops Another Pop Nugget: Stream For You to Sing

We’re barely removed from the release of MTV in the Fall of last year, but Mo Troper never seems to slow-down, and why would he? His latest effort has this intertwining bit of guitar weaving this quilt of glam, lo fi and crunchy indie rock; it’s almost a stomper, with tons of classic guitar flare hitting the high notes. Mo’s distinctive voice shines brightly from the textured mix of rock n’ roll, like a beacon of light guiding you along the path of rock n’ roll pleasure. Word on the street is this tune will feature on Mo’s next great record; it’s going to great. Track available courtesy of Lame-O Records.

Another Gem From Superviolet

As we are now a few months into the year, Steven Ciolek’s new project superviolet is quickly becoming one of my top releases of 2023 so far. Already we heard the sort of twangy, Neil Young inspired song “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry” and now we’ve got this new track “Locket” to further move along the new music hype train. This one still shows those aforementioned inspirations, but then also throws in loads more pop rock sounds along with the songwriter twang. It’s a gem.

Superviolet’s new album Infinite Spring is due out on April 21st via Lame-O Records.

Twangy New Tune From Superviolet

Steven Ciolek is a guy you probably know from his time as the leading man for Cleveland based indie band The Sidekicks. What you may not know, is that Ciolek has since stepped out on his own for a solo project under the musical title superviolet. Of course we aren’t ones to just share news without some tunes to listen to while reading, so here also is the latest single from superviolet “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry.” I am immediately seeing some early Neil Young inspiration here in the songwriting style paired with a super twangy acoustic guitar for an overall subdued yet powerful tune.

You can get your hands on the new superviolet LP Infinite Spring on April 21st via Lame-O Records.

Catchy Rocker From Dazy

Sometimes when we music snobs tend to overcomplicate things, it’s refreshing to find a dude like Richmond, VA based James Goodson who can keep things simple and deliver short, catchy, rock tunes. Goodson records under the moniker Dazy and delivers garage rock tunes with direct focus and energy while packing a hell of a lot into his 2 minutes or less tunes. His new song, “On My Way” is a prime example of his songwriting style with a super rocking number that might be over by the time you finish this sentence. I’m here for it.

Dazy will release a new album entitled OUTOFBODY on October 28th via Lame-O Records.

Mo Troper Shares I Fall Into Her Arms

You’ve got to love short little ditties, and right on the heels of Tony Molina’s short pop song execution is Mo Troper. He’s announced MTV, his latest LP, and he’s done so with this tight little jangler, twisting these beautiful falling guitarmonies into heart-felt melodies. Mo’s voice on this go round feels a little more distinctive, but I think that adds to the charm, keeping a sort of lo-fi sensibility that allows all of us to maintain our cool, right? There’s a video version of the song HERE, but otherwise, you, like the rest of us, will have to wait until MTV drops on September 2nd via Lame-O Records.

Golden Apples Share Let Me Do My Thing

Everything we’ve heard from Golden Apples new LP has the markings of the last 30 years of indie rock; they’re like historical musicians rewriting the sounds as they see fit. On the latest single from the group, they hit these strong chords that nod to the surf-rock craze, but what I love his how they slow it down, never giving into the need to release that tension, so the track slides into this more subtle groove. When it hits the chorus, it carefully switches into the modern, looking at guitar pop and its penchant for huge melodic choruses. Looking forward to hearing all Golden Apples, their self-titled record out on April 28th via Lame-O Records.

Stream U.S. Highball’s A Parkhead Cross of the Mind

Last Friday I ran some great albums for you to stream, but one slipped past me, and I’m aiming to rectify that error by sharing the latest LP from US Highball with you today. We’ve covered hits like “Double Dare” and “Let’s Save Bobby Orlando’s House,” so you should know exactly what you’re in store for by listening; you get a good 12 songs of infectious power-pop that’s sing-a-long ready. Plus, your listen should also keep in mind that you’re also get a little bit of dry humor, which only makes the group all the more endearing. A Parkhead Cross of the Mind is available via Lame-O Records/Bingo Records, but go ahead and stream the whole thing below just for your enjoyment.

US Highball Share Let’s Save Bobby Orlando’s House

I’ve been a fan of James Hindle and Calvin Halliday since their Pooches days, and their latest US Highball single takes their jangling joyousness and spins it in a little bit more sedate tone. It’s not that the duo lose any of their melodic hooks, rather they just soften the edges, putting them more in line with the likes of Lucksmiths or Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness; I don’t mind that one bit. It’s a classic pop sound, soaked in harmony and sampled beats, whetting the appetite for the release of their forthcoming A Parkhead Cross of the Mind, dropping on March 25th via Lame-O Records.

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