Matt Kivel Shares Radiance

Last Night in America is dropping next week, and with the release date just a week off, Matt Kivel is sharing another tune. It’s one of my favorite on the record, but be warned, it can induce extreme relaxation and contemplation…perhaps dangerous this early in the morning. For me, it’s the mix on this record that really serves Kivel’s goal; he’s got this fragile voice, or so it often sounds, so you’ve got to let it shine. Throughout this track, the musical element is low in the mix, at least when coming through your speakers; the percussive element is so light it’s almost a faint rhythmic whisper, with the guitar careful not to step forward until the closing moments of the song. If, by chance, your’re reading this in NYC, go see his release show this Friday featuring our friend Daphne Tunes at the Park Church Co-Op.

Watch Matt Kivel’s New Video

Matt Kivel‘s story took him through Austin for a time, and according to him, he was able to create ‘something very calm and still.’ Listening through to “Two Braids,” you can sort of grasp that sentiment in the song itself; at times, it almost feels like two separate songs carefully grafted onto one another. There’s this ambient piece, composed of light beats and little musical flourishes bubbling up now and then; this might be the most audible of the two pieces. Sitting just behind that, calmly, is Kivel himself, quietly letting his voice float notes out, though careful not to walk too far into the other piece. It’s a stunning number, one fitting the visual accompaniment. If you like it, keep an eye out for Last Night in America on May 10th via Cascine.

He’s got an Austin date at Cactus Cafe May 17th with Alexalone and some band named Daphne Tunes.