Another New One from Leather Girls

While the recent singles indicate some solid diversity from Leather Girls forthcoming LP, this new jam finds the band in their sweet spot, hitting those psychedelic vibes. You’re immediately transported back in time, shimming about the coolest lounge you’ve found. I love how the group holds tight to a quick pace, almost leaving the song behind as the tune moves into a carefully mapped freakout. The band drop their self-titled LP next wee via Yippee Ki Yay.

Mean Jolene and Pollen Rx Tour Kick Off at Hotel Vegas on Friday

Friday night, there’s only one place you really really need to be: Hotel Vegas. There’s a phenomenal show at Hotel Vegas, featuring several of the ATH Records act who are about to hit the road, namely Mean Jolene and Pollen RX. They’ll be joined by other powerhouse acts like Big Bill, Go Fever and Leather Girls (who have a rad new LP coming soon). Bands need money to hit the road, so come get yourself a cool t-shirt or an LP, then stay for the ridiculously solid line up of Austin acts. Stream some releases from the bands that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of with ATH Records.

Leather Girls Break Out New Single

While the modern era of psychedelia has gotten a bit bogged down with a dime-a-dozen cliched acts, it’s good to see a band like Leather Girls making it entirely their own. The video definitely wears the psych aesthetic, as do the guitars as they work and shuffle atop each other. But, what draws me into the band’s music is their penchant to make it a wee bit grittier, a wee bit more rock n’ roll. Putting this song on you’ll push yourself into territory where you picture yourself frantically spinning and stomping your feet, spinning about uncontrollably as joy overwhelms you. The band are releasing their self-titled album on June 2nd via Yippee Ki Yay Records.