Show Preview: Allo Darlin @ the Mohawk (5/1)

Date Tuesday, May 1st
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $8 from Frontgate

Those of you who are in any way fans of great indie pop need to be sure you’re in attendance at this excellent show on Tuesday evening.  Allo Darlin and the Wave Pictures are two of the best UK indie pop acts, and they rarely make it all the way over to our side of the pond.  All Darlin just released their latest record, Europe, and the Wave Pictures put out Long Black Cars in the past month as well.  All you need to do is spend five minutes listening to each band and you’ll know that your attendance is necessary.  Opening the night is No Future, the new reincarnation of the band formerly known (and loved) as Leatherbag.


Download:The Wave Pictures – Eskimo Kiss [MP3]

Free Week Recommendations for Tuesday!

So, by this point in time, Free Week in Austin is upon us, and I hope you’re all out there enjoying the great local music our fair city has to offer.  There’s too many great shows and great bands to hit up, so I’m going to try and help out by suggesting the big hitters every day.  The following list is for tomorrow night, that way you can plan accordingly:

The Midgetmen (10:30) @ Red 7 — Good old rock n’ roll from a band who’ve been banging it out for years–plus they gave me $5 to put them on this list.

Guns of Navarone (Show Starts @ 6:30) @ The Mohawk — RayRay swears by this band’s alt-country sound–says they’re the best in town.

Frank Smith @ The Mohawk — We’ve talked to you about Frank Smith before, so we’re not going to go on and on about this band, but if you haven’t heard em’, go see em.

Leatherbag @ Skinny’s Ballroom — They’re one of Austin’s hardest working acts, and their album in 2011 made our Best of Texas List.

Check out the following tracks by Guns of Navarone, Leatherbag and Frank Smith.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Top 15 Texas Albums of 2011

Oh man, is 2011 over already?  It is indeed, which means End of Year list time!  Of course, that means it’s time for you to tell us where we went wrong, but on this list, we’re thinking we got it pretty right on.  You’ll notice we expanded our list to a Top 15 of Texas Artists, as we thought our state did a great job, musically (not politically) speaking this year.  I’ll admit, it might be a little Austin-centric, but we’re based in the town, so get the Austin word a lot faster.  Apologies to Houston and San Antonio, as your scenes weren’t represented, but it’s nothing personal.  Feel free to leave us a comment to yell at us or tell us we were right on.  But, that being said, remember this is just the OPINION of a few dudes keeping it real in Austin.

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Leatherbag – Yellow Television

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, back in 2005, lead singer Randy Reynolds relocated to our great city of Austin. Lucky for us he did, because after this, he formed the American Rock band known as Leatherbag. Six years, various changes in the band and multiple albums, later, the band consists of three members: Reynolds, Drew Emmons, and Daniel Blanchard. Together, they craft a classic rock record in Yellow Television, which reflects on the general current state of things in the world.

The first number is dubbed “Imitation Generation” and kicks things off quickly and with the flair that one would expect of Leatherbag. A solid drum beat, angled guitars lead your in what seems calmly, but then it has those yelled catchy choruses with group vocals adding some texture behind Reynolds’ vocals.  As the name already suggests, the song comes off as more of a social comment on the repetition of any creative work by this generation. He remarks that “love is dead and so is rock and roll,” which is a bit grim, but gets the point across that we are in need of a little originality, perhaps to be delivered by this band in some form? It’s a good opening beat, but it isn’t exactly spectacular.

Then Leatherbag transitions to the title track “Yellow TV,” which relies on that catchy chorus to pull you into this band’s style if they hadn’t already. From here on, the rest of the album is relatively similar to these first two songs; which is a double edged sword. There is still the alluring rock style, which at some points reminds me a bit of Ted Leo, on jams like “Waxing Nostalgic.” However, it gets a bit redundant when the beginnings of most of the songs start out in the same way; it gets hard to discern one song from the other. Some are just too similar for their own good and you can get lost on the natural order of this album. That being said, stick around for “Sincerity,” which is ten minutes of bluesy guitar and the variety you’ve been missing up to that point.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid American Rock album. You can find the slightly grunge guitars and the sincerely indelicate vocals that you’d expect as well as some surprising freshness that you wouldn’t.  Albeit, there are some weaker tracks, and it gets a little repetitive at points, but there is still something worth enjoying on Yellow Television.

Show Preview: Leatherbag CD Release (7/28)

Date Thursday, July 28th
Location Skinny’s Ballroom
Doors 1000p
Tickets Super Cheap

What !?! You haven’t caught wind of the phenomenal Leatherbag yet? Well dear Austinites, it’s time to pull your head out from beneath those rocks and get on it. The band will be hitting up Skinny’s Ballroom this Thursday night in honor of the release of their latest album, Yellow Television.  This has to be the place to be on Thursday, not to mention the fact that you need to get out and help us support the local bands in town.  And, if you’re a super Leatherbag fan, as you should be, then you need to get out and hit up there earlier gig that day over at End of an Ear. See you guys there!


Download: Leatherbag – Imitation Generation [MP3]

New Jams From Leatherbag

Austin boys Leatherbag are one of those bands that are highly underrated in this town, yet somehow seem to be on the verge of blowing up any second.  Hell, after some searching, it seems as though we ATH geniuses have never posted music by the band.  Derp.  Well this hard working Austin band recently released new LP Yellow Television AND new EP Patience just last week.  Below you can find lead single from the full length entitled “Imitation Generation” for your enjoyment.  I think it will show you that we’ve been missing the boat on one of Austin’s finest songwriters Randy Reynolds.  By the way, you can stream both new LP and EP over on the band’s website so get to it.


Download: Leatherbag – Imitation Generation [MP3]

Show Preview: The Rumble @ Beerland (4/13)

Date 4/13/11
Location Beerland
Doors 9pm
Tickets FREE!!

It’s time once again friends for another Rumble down under at Beerland in Austin Texas on Wednesday night.  Our lineup this time around is stacked with some local talent in the form of Bridge Farmers, The Pons, and Leatherbag.  We have been into all three of these bands for quite some time and feel like some of you need to get on board quick like.  Also don’t forget that this event is totally free so you really have no reason not to be there.


Download: The Bridge Farmers – Girl in the Window [MP3]

Besnard Lakes @ Mohawk (5/18)

Date 5/18/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

Hot up and coming buzz band Besnard Lakes are coming down to Austin at The Mohawk on Tuesday night.  The indie band will be joined on the stage by Stardeath & White Dwarfs, and locals The Boxing Lesson.  Stick around late as well for a CD release show on the inside stage by Leatherbag.  Do it to it.


Download: Besnard Lakes – Albatross [MP3]

Brendan Benson @ Independent (2/24)


Date 2/24/10
Location The Independent
Doors 9pm
Tickets $13 from Frontgate

Have you made plans for Wednesday yet?  It’s a tough choice you’ve got to make…  Brendan Benson playing at The Independent should definitely be a part of your decision making process.  He’ll be joined on the stage by Leatherbag and Michael Kingcaid.


Download: Brendan Benson – A Whole Lot Better [MP3]

ATH Interviews: Black Joe Lewis

blackjoelewis_featureShortly after our time at ACL, we realized that we failed to interview any of our favorite local acts playing over the weekend.  To make up for our miscue, we caught up with up and coming Austin artist Black Joe Lewis via email.  Black Joe has been hard working hard and touring the country with his band The Honeybears after releasing his debut LP earlier this year.  Follow the jump to read full interview.

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