One More From Small Leaks Sink Ships

You may be sick of me talking about Portland based band Small Leaks Sink Ships, but I just can’t stop myself from posting their latest, and likely last single, from the new album. This one has a lot more power and aggression behind it when compared to some of the more melodic and mellow tracks previously shared. Yeah “Dear John Connor” plays the game of power immediately followed by more quiet parts very nicely. Love what these guys are doing.

New album Golden Calf is out October 13th via Lefse Records.

Another One From Small Leaks Sink Ships

Portland based outfit Small Leaks Sink Ships has been garnishing some positive praise around these parts for the last month or so. Their songs manage to be quite simplistic while still offering huge amounts of creativity and power. Take this new track “Psychotic Opera” for example. It’s slow and steady at the beginning with a beat on repeat, and then the drums come in and the song becomes something a little bit different. I’m continually impressed with what these guys are doing.

Once again, you can pick up Golden Calf on October 13th via Lefse Records.

New Video & Single From Small Leaks Sinks Ships

I’m not always one for videos, but when they are as beautifully done as this one from Portland based Small Leaks Sinks Ships, I’ve got to share. The video for “Dancing Devil” can at times be a bit creepy with a shadowy, all black creature following a blindfolded young lady around a lake front cabin. The visuals play nicely with the dance inducing, head nodding worthy beats of the song. It’s sort of like old school Cold War Kids or even a Portugal the Man. Well done lads.

New album Golden Calf is out on October 13th via Lefse Records.

Small Leaks Sink Ships, True Story

slssOkay. I don’t know if it’s a true story, but I imagine that any leak sinks a ship if it goes undetected. Regardless, Small Leaks Sink Ships is one of those bands that is perfect for indie rock escapism. Their latest single seemingly echoes with every bit of the kitchen sink…each note place in its appropriate spot to maximize its connection with listeners. On this particular tune, the song has this vocal eruption just at the 1.45 mark that’s really special, and for me, it elevated the song, though I admittedly love the little details from the percussive notes here and there too. Their new album, Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals will be released by Lefse Records in 2017, so keep your ears peeled.

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Dreamy R&B from Sunbathe

sunbatheLooks like Lefse Records is getting into the tape business, and to introduce Golden Brown to the world, they’re releasing a compilation titled Perfectly Toasted Vol. 1. One of the track’s that stood out to me immediately was this new one from Sunbathe. It’s this dream-pop piece nodding to classic R&B sounds, sort of like a hazier bit of Camera Obscura, and I can’t stop spinning this song, even though I’m staring at a delugefrom the heavens outside my window. The compilation sees a release on June 17th…and this is a definite reason to check it out.

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Nice Bit of Pop From Still Parade

stillAs I hit play on this new Still Parade song for the third time today, I’m finding more and more to like with each new listen. We’ve posted about the band in the past and I’ve find some things to like here and there, but I feel as though this is the most complete tune I’ve heard so far. It flawlessly melds things like synths, hushed vocals, and one hell of a beat to create a truly memorable pop sound. Check out “Chamber” below and let us know what you think.

Concrete Visionis coming on June 3rd via Lefse Records.

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Get Dreamy With Living Hour

144984581947On a cold, somewhat dreary morning, this new tune from Winnepeg based Living Hour is brightening up my day perfectly.  The song, “Seagull”, is for fans of Beach House with a more epic and loopy feel to things.  This is truly a gem to lead you into what I hope is a fun filled weekend.

Living Hour will release a new self-titled album soon on Lefse Records.

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Have a Nice Weekend

a3507307410_2This week’s PYAITK smooth jam is from Drop Electric. It is called “Waking Up to the Fire”. It is the title track and an absolute beauty. Austere synth waves lead you in to more layers of layers and simple builds as the vocals interleave and let the super hooks that are strong, yet melancholy, yet empowering. Smoothly woven trumpet track.

The band, out of DC, is on Lefse Records, a label that currently is nurturing some great artists.

Each Other – Being Elastic

eachRating: ★★★½☆

It seems over the last few years that a great deal of the bands I’ve taken a liking to have put less emphasis on the meaning behind the title of their completed works.  I can’t, however, say that about Each Other.  Their newest effort, Being Elastic, fits entirely in line with what one might think when reflecting upon the album’s name; it stretches all over the place musically.

“About the Crowd” begins with this fuzzy bass line lurking beneath the vocals.  The pacing seems like a mild stutter-step, until you reach the 1.5 minute park, where the guitars begin to chime in with more of a euphoric circle pit direction that perfectly meets the vocals.  From here Being Elastic moves into the more post-punk driven “Send Your Signals,” which is driven by the tight percussive quality and angular musicianship.  At times, the band slows things down to a more drawn out tempo, finishing off the track with this soaring pop vocal that’s indicative of the band’s efforts to move all over the place within their tracks.

Throughout the listen, Each Other moves in and out of varying genres.  “You or Any Other Thing” is one of those tracks that encapsulates precisely why the group’s so intoxicating.  The tune drifts in with dreamy folk harmony, but at various points, things are flipped upside down as the song takes an approach that seems like the obvious clash of influences like Q and Not U and The Wrens.  To me, it seems like the perfect way to make a nod to past greats, while still showing a progressive attitude in the songwriting. It seems like an easy enough formula for success, but I like how the group is capable is switching the approach, as they do on “Fine Time.” This number has a softer opening moment, then it jumps off into a jangling romp that is bound to pick up the spirits of listeners.

You do have to be careful where you skip around on Being Elastic, as you’re likely to get the wrong impression if you land on certain tracks.  “Seeing Doubles Dreaming Troubles” is dominated by an upbeat chugging that only slows down long enough to suck the audience in before bounding off in an enjoyable fashion.  It’s a complete juxtaposition to tracks like “The Trick You Gave Up” or “Or Else,” both which rely upon an extremely mellow mood to deliver their message.  Your best bet is just to enjoy the diversity from start to finish.

And there you have it folks; you have a record that’s as diverse a listen, sonically, as the name would imply.  Being Elastic offers a glimpse into the life of a band that’s not sold on one dynamic, and in taking that in stride, Each Other have released an album that demonstrates the vitality that comes with maximized creativity.


Download: Each Other – Your Ceiling is My Floor [MP3]

New Music from Each Other

eachotherOne of my favorite memories from SXSW a few years back was actually stretching myself to the limit by catching an all day hangover show at Beerland, after spending 7 days rocking and drinking like a champ.  I pushed myself to the max, but I was able to catch Each Other (among others), which was a blessing.  They’ve just announced a new album, and I’m really digging the first number.  It begins with this jagged proto-punk attitude, which normally would be enough to catch my attention, but just after the two-minute mark, they offer this mellow pop opus within the track; it’s quite a special moment.  They’re debut, Being Elastic, will be released by Lefse Records on March 4th.

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