Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 13 – 17)

Last week I might have gotten a little carried away; my wife and newborn son were spending a lot of time resting, so I was just hanging out writing about songs all week…something a teacher, soccer coach, dad and label owner typically can’t do. So, this week’s playlist of last week’s hits might be a little longer than usual, but you’re going to be all the better for it. I hope you have a wonderful Monday my friends, and enjoy the jams here!

Bright New Tune From Lentamente

We were first introduced to Costa Rican Ario Rojas and his musical known as Lentamente right around this time last year with the release of his debut LP Galeria de Espejos Paralelos on Z Tapes. Now a year later, Rojas continues to pump out new material every few months or so and continues to impress with his bedroom/dream indie pop approach to songwriting. His latest, “Panorama in 3D”, evokes many of those same super dreamy, bright and playful feelings from some of his earlier work, but also shows a musician who has learned to really tighten up production and mature into his craft. It’s a lovely piece of songwriting.